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Last week, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai reminded motorists to obey traffic rules. They announced an AED 1,000 fine for not using indicators, while everyone was cautioned against sudden deviation or swerving between lanes, as this could lead to accidents. Once again, RTA warned motorists about reckless driving and sudden swerving on… Read More

Did you know that road accidents, injuries, and fatalities tend to peak during Ramadan? This could be attributed to the effects of fasting on the body. Since the Holy Month coincides with summer season, the extreme heat also leads to faster dehydration — affecting concentration. Fasting results in low blood sugar, which can hamper a… Read More

Begging is against the law in the UAE. In fact, the UAE Council has passed the Anti-Begging Draft Law, which cautions against begging. It also issues a stern warning against “organised” begging, which forces people to beg for money and may be considered as a form of human trafficking. Recently, four “ringleaders” of a human… Read More

Avid shoppers have more reasons to rejoice this month! Aside from huge discounts on groceries and great bargains on new cars, the annual “Ramadan Nights” is happening in Sharjah during Ramadan and Eid holidays. The 17-day mega sale will offer discounts of as much as 80 percent! Ramadan Nights is part of the Sharjah Ramadan Festival, which… Read More

Last year, Firoz Merchant, an Indian businessman and philanthropist based in Dubai, “rescued” 132 inmates from Ajman Central Jail by pledging USD 1 million (AED 3.8 million) to pay off their debts. Recently, he paved the way for the release of hundreds more prisoners in the UAE. To mark Ramadan, Merchant paid off the debts of… Read More

Although Ramadan is marked by periods of prayer, fasting, and reflection, it also includes festivities like Iftars, gift-giving, and sales. Earlier, we mentioned that some supermarkets are offering 50% off on groceries, while Ferrari World Abu Dhabi launched a “free view” promo. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a new car,… Read More

Aiming to boost the country’s position as a primary hub for international business and global talent, the UAE Cabinet has announced a new visa system. Under the new system, investors, professionals, and even top students will be granted long-term residence visas of up to 10 years. The decision was made during a Cabinet meeting headed by… Read More

To ensure everyone’s safety on the road, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has a list of traffic driving violations and fines that every motorists and pedestrian should know. Similarly, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in the UAE is determined to prevent road accidents. They are currently clamping down against reckless drivers who cut… Read More

Last year, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) ranked third among nationalities sending the most money from the UAE. In relation to this, a recent publication shows that the Philippines is among the countries having the best money transfer rates from the emirates. According to Remittance Prices Worldwide, which is published by World Bank, expats from South… Read More

Looking for a place to “cool off” this summer? Check out the newest waterpark in town — the Laguna Waterpark at La Mer, one of Dubai’s most exciting beachfront destinations. Recently opened on May 12th, Laguna Waterpark offers something for the whole family! There are rides for kids as well as for more adventurous teens.… Read More

Aside from eye-catching architecture and spectacular skyscrapers, the UAE has plenty of historical attractions, too. And to celebrate International Museums Day, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is offering free entry to Etihad Museum and Dubai Museum. Every year, on May 18th, the International Council of Museums heads and coordinates International Museums Day. This… Read More

One of the most popular theme parks in the UAE is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Just last year, they launched Turbo Track, a thrilling roller coaster ride for adrenaline enthusiasts! This year, Ferrari World has announced a new and exciting promo, “Ramadan Free View.” As the name suggests, it means that during the Holy Month of… Read More

Through a post on their official Twitter page, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) reminded everyone about the rules on work permits. In particular, they cited the top three reasons why a work permit should be cancelled or revoked. Basically, the work permit allows a person to enter the UAE for work purposes. It… Read More

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