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sondos alqattan kuwaiti blogger

Major beauty brands have cut ties with Sondos Alqattan, a Kuwaiti beauty blogger, after criticizing Kuwait’s new labour laws about rights of domestic helpers. Some of these brands include Max Factor Arabia, Shisiedo cosmetics, Etude House, MAC Cosmetics, Chelsea Beautique. Recently, Alqattan posted a video about the law for domestic workers in Kuwait complaining about… Read More

Last week, Kuwaiti blogger and make-up artist Sondos Al Qattan found herself in hot water after ranting against a law that provides Filipino domestic workers with weekly days-off and the right to keep their passports. Many netizens — both Filipinos and non-Filipinos — criticized her video. Recently, Emirati vlogger Khalid Al Ameri weighed in on the… Read More

kuwait star slave comment domestic worker

A beauty blogger and influencer from Kuwait is currently a subject of criticisms from many social media  users after she complained about Filipino domestic workers getting days off and keeping their passports. Kuwaiti blogger, Sondos Alqattan, shared her dismay over a recent law in Kuwait which protects rights household service workers. Also Read: Is it… Read More

khalid al ameri philippines

Al Ameri is one of the most popular vloggers in the UAE. Previously, we shared his viral video about Christmas in the UAE, which featured an insightful look into the diversity of cultures in the emirates. Just recently, the Abu Dhabi-based vlogger travelled to the Philippines! Have you ever wondered how an Emirati would feel… Read More

ofw kieth walter dubai

Meet Kieth, an HR officer working for one of the top Hospitality Group in Dubai. He came to Dubai after his brother invited him to visit the emirate. He kept a positive mindset despite no assurance he’d be able to land an HR job. Lucky enough, Kieth was fortunate to have secured a job before… Read More

It’s been awhile since our last OFW feature. We’ve been very busy with other things and this reminds us that we should feature more Pinoy expats in Dubai for newbies to understand how life is in the UAE for Filipinos. Our next feature is with another Dubai blogger, Lala, of The Wondering Feet’s Calling, has… Read More


Our next interview with an Overseas Filipino Worker in Dubai is with Kenneth. He works as a lead designer in one of the luxury design firms in the city. Kenneth is a Dubai travel blogger who shares his stories and adventures on his website – www.KennethSurat.com. He is the creator of beautifully crafted blank books… Read More