15 New Cases of Coronavirus in UAE, Now Total of 45

In a recent update from the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, there have been 15 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, in the country. These 15 cases are composed of different nationalities who have tested positive for the virus. This totals the number of infections to 45 in the country.

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In the same announcement, MOHAP also announced the recovery of 2 Chinese patients.

Classes have been suspended starting March 8 as schools and universities will undergo sterilization and sanitation procedures. Events have also been suspended in the country.

45 coronavirus cases in uae

45 Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in the UAE as of March 7, 2020

According to MOHAP, 13 of these COVID-19 cases were detected through early monitoring and reporting and all them arrived from abroad:

  • Thailand – 1
  • China – 1
  • Morocco – 1
  • India – 1
  • Saudi Arabia – 2
  • Ethiopia – 2
  • Iran – 2
  • UAE – 3

Another two cases were diagnosed with the virus via active surveillance system after being in close contact with the confirmed cases in the recent UAE Tour cycling event.

  • UAE – 1
  • Egypt – 1

The above number totals the overall newly reported cases to 15. And the total number of coronavirus cases in the UAE by the numbers as of March 7, 2020 are as follows:

  • Confirmed Cases – 45
  • Recovered – 7

All cases are being monitored round-the clock, are in a stable condition and are receiving all necessary health care required, MoHAP affirmed.

On another note, 5 individuals who came in close contact with the COVID-19 patients have been screened and placed under health quarantine.

ministry of health and prevention

Below is the Twitter announcement from the Ministry of Health and Prevention regarding the total number of infections in the country.

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Constant Reminders on Maintaining Good Personal Hygiene

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention is always keeping us posted on the latest updates and reminding us to maintain good personal hygiene. Below is a recent post from MOHAP: