300 New Confirmed Cases and 53 Recoveries Announced in UAE

Breaking News: 300 New Cases and 53 New Recoveries of the outbreak by UAE on a Wednesday afternoon – April 8, 2020. This brings the total reported cases in the UAE to 2659. This announcement was by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and also shared in a post from the Dubai Health Authority.

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These new cases were infected as they did not adhere to preventive measures and social distancing, in addition to related cases of travelling abroad.

53 number of new recoveries were also reported which brings the total number of recoveries in the UAE to 239.

Total Number of Cases in UAE as of April 8, 2020

  • Confirmed Cases – 2659
  • Recoveries – 239
  • Deaths – 12

Below is a post from the last update from Dubai Health Authority:

new cases covid april 8
ministry of health and prevention

Below is the full report from Emirates News Agency, WAM:

  • 300 new cases of coronavirus were registered, bringing the total to 2,659 cases in the country.
  • 239 recovered cases were registered in the country, after 53 new cases were registered.

Abu Dhabi, April 8 / WAM / The UAE government held a regular briefing today in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to update the latest developments and cases related to the new corona virus in the country, during which His Excellency Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, spoke about the developments of the precautionary measures taken to prevent the virus, to On the side of Abdullah Ali Al Nuaimi, Assistant Undersecretary for Communication and International Relations at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to talk about the measures taken by the ministry in light of current developments, and Dr. Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesman for the health sector in the emirate at.


More than half a million medical tests for the Corona virus.


His Excellency Abdul Rahman Al Owais announced that the UAE has conducted a record number of medical examinations to detect the new Corona virus in a short period, where 539,195 examinations were conducted at the country level, pointing out that the world lives in exceptional circumstances, and these conditions have proven the cohesion and solidarity of the people of the Emirates of citizens And residents, and was reflected by the remarkable commitment of the public to the procedures announced.

His Excellency clarified that the UAE is continuing to take all measures that guarantee the reduction of the spread of the new Corona virus, and the priority and through our health sector was to increase and expand the scope of tests in the country, and thus success in early detection, counting cases and contacts and isolating them.

His Excellency said, “This procedure is carried out by allocating advanced centers to check the virus, in addition to using the latest technology and technologies used in this field. This figure indicates the state’s keenness in combating the virus and preserving the health and safety of society, and at the same time reflects the strength of our health system and the efficiency of our cadres He added: During the coming period, the number of examinations will be doubled, and its circle and scope will be expanded to detect any cases. “Thank you,” our first line of defense, from doctors, nurses, and paramedics, and all who are in the field during this period. “He stressed that the health and safety of everyone is a priority for us. It is a national responsibility for Netsha Leave it all together.


300 new cases of corona virus were recorded.


Dr. Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesman for the health sector in the UAE, announced the developments of the cases and the health situation in the country, where 300 new cases were recorded and monitored with the new Corona / Covid-19 /, which was identified by examining those who had contact with previously announced injuries. With the registration of new cases, the total number of diagnosed cases reached 2,659 cases in the UAE.

Dr. Farida explained that the recorded cases belong to different nationalities, all of which are stable and are subject to the necessary health care.

53 new cures.


Dr. Farida Al Hosani also announced the recovery of 53 new cases of people infected with the emerging coronavirus Covid-19 and their full recovery from symptoms of the disease after receiving the necessary health care since entering the hospital, where the total number of recovery cases to 239 cases recorded so far.


An integrated national program to support the stability of the labor market in the private sector.


For his part, Abdullah Ali Al-Nuaimi, the assistant undersecretary for communication and international relations at the Ministry of Human Resources and Resettlement during the briefing, stated that the labor market is one of the sectors directly and widely affected by the repercussions of the spread of the Corona virus, as the labor market in the country is distinguished by the diversity of its sector and its magnitude and its primary role at all times and continues This role is also in times of crisis.

Al-Nuaimi confirmed that, out of the commitment of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to its national responsibilities and in order to continue the performance of the labor market and its productivity in a manner that suits the current challenges and responds to the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the state to confront the “emerging corona virus” and limit its spread, the Ministry, in coordination with the National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority Disasters by preparing an integrated national program to support the stability of the labor market in the private sector.


Measures to support employment in the private sector.


Al-Nuaimi said, “The program focuses on three axes which are employment, Emiratization, and administrative support for private sector facilities, as the first axis includes the employment axis through the application of a package of preventive measures for workers in the private sector, which include limiting gatherings in workplaces, service delivery centers, and buses Transfer workers. ”

He also mentioned, “We committed the private sector establishments to reduce the attendance of their employees, so that they do not exceed 30% of the total employees, and reduce the proportion of customers, to no more than 30% of the capacity, while providing health and safety requirements and means to protect workers, while facilities were excluded.” Operating in vital sectors such as health, food services, energy companies, financial sector and other such procedure.

Al-Nuaimi added, “The Ministry obliged the establishments not to increase the number of passengers from workers inside the transport buses to 25% of its capacity, and all activities / cultural, sports and social / workers were stopped and their numbers reduced at mealtimes, and the ministry launched the temporary guide for work on Dimension for private sector establishments, which includes the necessary measures to be taken, during the current emergency conditions. ”


Forming a special committee to look into the complaints of citizens working in the private sector.


Al-Naimi explained that the second axis of the program focuses on Emiratisation, as the ministry is working to continue to support and promote the stability of citizens working in the private sector, and we have formed in the ministry a special committee to look into complaints of citizens, workers in the private sector, follow their conditions, support them and protect their rights.

Al-Nuaimi added, “The Ministry is currently working on preparing plans to enhance job security in various economic sectors, especially those most affected by the consequences of the Corona virus crisis, and to reduce operational and administrative burdens on private sector facilities.”


Administrative support for enterprises in the private sector.


The third axis of the program concerned with administrative support initiatives for establishments, which came to build the Cabinet’s decision to suspend the collection of administrative fines for a period of six months and reduce fees for all work permits for categories of enterprises.

Al-Naimi stated that the Ministry has lifted all restrictions applied to its registered establishments, and we have facilitated obtaining new internal work permits, renewing existing work permits, and allowing establishments to retrieve the bank guarantee once the permits are renewed.

The ministry also temporarily allowed the possibility of amending labor contracts between establishments and workers, on the condition of mutual consent between the two parties to include granting the worker a paid leave, or granting the worker unpaid leave, or temporarily reducing his wages during the period referred to, or permanently reducing his wages.


The “Early Leave” initiative.


Abdullah Al Nuaimi confirmed that, as an extension of the humanitarian support programs of the UAE government towards residents working in the state who wish to return to their countries early, we launched an “early leave” initiative to be adopted by private sector establishments in the country, and to stimulate the benefit of the surplus in the number of workers in some establishments, as one of the consequences of the crisis Corona Virus Spread. The Ministry provided an opportunity to register the data of these workers, in the virtual labor market system, on the website careers.mohre.gov.ae, to search for job opportunities available in the marke