Dubai Police arrests Asian man for encouraging people to go out amid #StayHome instructions

An Asian man was arrested by the Dubai Police for posting a video encouraging everyone to violate quarantine rules and ignore the government’s directive to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The man, whose identity was concealed, encouraged members of the public to “Go out for a smoke or barbecue and enjoy the rainy weather”.

The UAE has already announced malls and shopping centers (except for supermarkets and pharmacies) and there’s a National Disinfection Program over the weekend with only doing necessities as a reason for residents to go out. Various campaigns have been carried out in order to reach everyone in the country so the Asian man’s post was cited by the Dubai Police as an irresponsible action.

dubai police arrest asian man breaking stay home rule
Image: For illustration purpose.

Asian Man Arrested for Encouraging People to Go Out and Have

The Dubai Police reminds everyone that Government Laws are a ‘Red Line” and should not be taken lightly. Strict actions will be taken against those who will violate the local and federal laws or instructions issued by security authorities.

So far, aside from this incident, two other persons were arrested. One European man was arrested for mocking the rule of beach closures, and another was a European woman with Arab origin, for encouraging everyone to go out and break the #stayhome rules.

The UAE imposes strict rules when using social media and this should be kept in mind by every resident. Also, the guidelines in having us stay in our homes are for our protection and safety as the government tries its best to impose laws and rules for the welfare of the community. So let us all follow instructions as this is for our own benefit.

dubai police arrest asian man stay home rule
Image: Dubai Police

Dubai Police says:

Dubai Police arrested a young man of Asian nationality who posted a video encouraging people to ignore government advice to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak.

In his irresponsible post, the man called members of the public to “go out for a smoke or barbecue and to enjoy the rainy weather”. Dubai Police hereby reaffirms their readiness to take strict actions against those who violate local and federal laws or instructions issued by security authorities.

Below is the Tweet of the Dubai Police:

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