Burj Khalifa Fireworks New Year 2014 Video

The people of Dubai gathered at the Burj Khalifa fountain for a close view of the fireworks display of the tallest building in the world. This is in celebration of the New Year 2014. This occasion has been widely promoted in advertisements in Dubai that’s why a number of people have reserved a spot to get a good view of this amazing celebration.

2014 New Year Fireworks Display Video in Burj Khalifa

Here’s a video clip of the Burj Khalifa fireworks for the New year 2014. The video is not that long, but it’s great to see how many people attended the event to end 2013 with a blast.

Video Source: TheNCPNews – YouTube

Fireworks in Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab

I’ve heard that Palm Jumeirah also had some fireworks as well as Burj Al Arab Hotel. Housemates informed me that these key attractions in Dubai have set up their own fire works for everyone to see

Work During the New Year

As for me, I was on duty as the mall closes at 1 in the morning and I was in the closing shift. This meant that I spent the remaining hours of 2013 working inside the shop. Maybe next year, I’ll be able to go out and witness the pyrotechnics real time. Happy New Year Dubai!

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