Dubai Police Arrests European Man Making Fun of Beach Closure Rule

The Dubai Police has reminded residents to comply with the law. Recently, a European national was arrested for posting a video on social media mocking preventive measures issued by the health authorities. Since March 22, all UAE public and private beaches have been temporarily closed due to the outbreak. The man ignored the instructions by Police patrol to leave the beach and posted a video online making fun of the safety instructions.

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It is very important that we follow instructions as this is all for our safety. COVID-19 has become a pandemic and has claimed the lives of thousands globally. Just to give an idea of recent cases, as per report on WorldMeters.Info, Italy on March 21 registered a total number of 793 deaths due to COVID-19 in a single day.

Below is the said report source from the Dubai Police:

In the UAE so far, there’s a reported 153 cases. UAE authorities are doing their best to fight the spread of the virus so let us all do our part and avoid making fun of these rules.

European Man Arrested for Mocking COVID-19 Preventive Measures on Dubai Beach

Dubai Police arrests a European national who posted a video on social media at a beach in Dubai, ignoring the instruction of a police patrol while mocking precautionary measures issued by health and official authorities.

The General Command of the Dubai Police warns that residents must comply with the directives issued by security entities, be they local or federal.

If safeguards for public health are violated, residents will be held accountable and face legal measures.

dubai police arrest european beach