Fine for Overstaying in UAE Starting Today – October 12, 2020

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) in UAE has announced a reminder for those who are overstaying to renew the Emirates ID for those who have Emirates ID cards that expired between the period of March 1st to July 11, 2020. Those who have visas that have expired need to renew or change their status in order to stay legally in the country.

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In a post shared by the ICA, they advised residents to renew the Emirates ID or else face fines.

uae emirates id expiry fines

Below is a post reminder from the Identity and Citizenship UAE Twitter account:


Below are more details how to renew your Emirates ID:

  • ICA urges all those who have benefitted from the EID grace period granted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic precautionary measures to expedite the renewal of the Emirates ID cards (EID) before 11th October 2020.
  • Avoid EID validity expiry and apply for EID renewal promptly.
  • Log into your account on ICA Smart Application ICA UAE eChannels.
  • You will receive a notification prompting you to renew your EID before the 11th October 2020.
  • Submit the renewal application, review and update retrieved information, and pay the fees due.

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