MoHAP Cautions Residents Against Spreading Rumors About COVID-19

In the UAE, the MoHAP has issued a warning against disseminating rumors and unsubstantiated information regarding the coronavirus.

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This comes after an audio clip made rounds on social media, disseminating misleading information about the country’s pandemic.

MoHAP Cautions Residents Against Rumors Spreading Online About COVID-19
Credits: WAM

MoHAP Reminds Residents to be Wary of Rumors Spreading Online About COVID-19

The contents of the audio clip have been categorically disputed by MoHAP, who has asked the public to verify any information they receive before sharing it with others.

Members of the community are being asked to get their news from official outlets and government institutions in the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, the UAE’s health ministry has reminded residents that spreading rumors, fake news, and incorrect information is a punishable offense under UAE law.

In line with this, the UAE Ministry of Interior (MoI) has cautioned that anyone spreading false information and rumors regarding the coronavirus in the country on social media may face legal consequences under the country’s online laws, while also encouraging people to act responsibly. Those who violate online rules face prison penalties ranging from three years to life in prison, as well as fines of up to 3 million AED, according to the authorities.

They pointed out that, in addition to breaking the law, spreading such rumors exaggerating the number of Covid-19 instances in the country causes anxiety and undue alarm among members of the public.

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