Dubai Municipality Steps Up Safety Measures in Buildings, Construction Areas

As the UAE continues to curb the spread of the coronavirus in communities with the return of some employees back to work, the Dubai Municipality has enforced a series of building control measures in the emirate to reinforce precautionary protocols against the virus.

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The measures for construction sites and building controls underscore the broader initiatives set by the government to safeguard the health and safety of all sections of society. 

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Back to Work: Dubai Intensifies Cleaning and Disinfection Measures in Buildings, Construction Sites

In line with this, the Dubai Municipality has released a set of circulars and guidelines for preventive steps and intensified cleaning and disinfection procedures in construction sites and workers’ accommodations.

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The civic body has stressed the need to abide by the circulars to ensure the highest security and safety for all construction workers and members of the community.

These circulars include guidelines on transport and movement controls to and from construction sites and the procedures to be followed inside workers’ buses.

Also, these documents outline the protocols related to the prohibition of workers’ movement outside the project site and the categories within the construction sector that are exempt from movement restrictions.

In line with this, Dubai authorities have intensified monitoring and inspection of construction sites to ensure all preventive and precautionary guidelines are implemented and instructions in circulars are followed.

Over the last two months, a total of 50,000 inspection visits were conducted in 12,331 under-construction buildings on top of the visits conducted in response to emergency reports in Dubai.

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Rules for Building Control and Construction Sites

Buildings and work areas covered by this initiative must require their tenants to:

  • wear protective masks and gloves
  • provide sterilization equipment in multiple locations at the site. 
  • measure the temperature of workers before entering the site.
  • maintain physical distancing and avoid gatherings
  • ensure that workers keep a safe distance between each other while traveling in and disembarking from buses.
  • implement continuous sterilization of worksites and project extensions. 
  • avoid overcrowding in temporary and permanent elevators.
  • provide protective clothing for workers in project warehouses.
  • Organize timings for workers’ breaks to ensure physical distancing.
  • Ensure that physical distancing among office workers is observed.
  • Provide disposable plates and cups.

As the UAE boosts its testing efforts, more cases have been recorded in recent days. 

The Dubai government’s initiatives aim to control the spread of infection across workplaces as the country slowly reopens its economy by allowing workers to return to their workplaces. 

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