[First-Ever] UAE Receives Revolutionary COVID-19 Medication – Sotrovimab

Sotrovimab, the world’s newest anti-viral medicine for Covid-19, is now accessible in the UAE for the early treatment of selected Covid-19 patients.

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According to studies, the medicine can function on all known variations and saves extreme disease and death in 85 percent of early treatment instances.

[First-Ever] UAE Receives Revolutionary COVID-19 Medication
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UAE First Country to Receive Revolutionary COVID-19 Medication

The pharmaceutical landed in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, becoming the UAE the world’s first recipient of the drug.

Sotrovimab is a type of antibody that is administered intravenously. It is a treatment, not a vaccine.

Under procedures developed by the National Scientific Committee, it can be used to treat adults and children over the age of 12 who meet certain requirements and are at risk of severe Covid-19 instances.

Following a good scientific opinion from the European Medicines Agency, GlaxoSmithKline applied to the US Food and Drug Administration and the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention to get Sotrovimab licensed for emergency use.

It was approved by both parties.

Here’s what you need to know about the new COVID-19 treatment drug, Sotrovimab according to a video report by the Khaleej Times:

The Abu Dhabi Department of Health and healthcare procurement firm Rafed reached an agreement with GlaxoSmithKline to ensure delivery as early as June and July.

As a result, patients in the UAE will be among the first in the globe to benefit from the novel therapy.

“We have been working very closely with the Department of Health and Rafed since the interim results of the clinical trials with Sotrovimab were available,” said Gizem Akalin, managing director of GlaxoSmithKline Gulf.

“The DoH and Rafed have been agile and passionate about accelerating patient access to promising new treatments to confront Covid-19,” he added.

Akalin said that their partnership with the Department of Health and Rafed is comprehensive, obtaining early access to Sotrovimab so that the people of Abu Dhabi and the UAE would be among the first in the world to receive this breakthrough medication.

He also mentioned that there is a lot of scientific and medical collaboration going on to make sure that medical teams are ready and equipped.

“We see this close co-operation as another sign of Abu Dhabi’s rapid development as a hub for first-class treatment, medicines research, logistics and manufacturing.”

The National Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health of Abu Dhabi collaborated on treatment procedures to help doctors identify at-risk patients.

It ensures that such patients can receive Sotrovimab based on their risk profile and eligibility criteria.

“This medicine is at the forefront of pharmaceutical advancement and is a powerful tool in our fight to end this pandemic,” said Dr Jamal Al Kaabi, undersecretary for the health department.

“We look forward to implementing the eligibility criteria for emergency use of Sotrovimab as part of Abu Dhabi’s commitment to lead an all-encompassing Covid-19 response in prevention, treatment and care.”

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