Taxi Price Hike on January 2014?

I was informed by a taxi driver that there was going to be a price increase on taxi fares by January 2014. This was an unexpected news which made me glad that I got to know about it before it’s been implemented. I don’t know if it’s true, but the driver seemed to be confident about the news.

I took a taxi to the office the other day and the driver asked me why I was sweating. I mentioned that I was going to be late for work which explained the tension. He continued the conversation and our topic came to the price of taxis when we passed by Al Maktoum Bridge.

dubai taxi
Taxis in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Taxi Fare Increase January 2014?

This January 2014, there will be NO more “salik” charges (toll charges). We normally pay an extra fee of 4 Dirhams whenever we cross a bridge. This time, it will be FREE. The driver continued… “The new starting rate will be 6 Dirhams instead of 3, and the minimum fare for a taxi ride in Dubai will be 15 Dirhams instead of 10. Here are the changes:

*Starting Rate: 3 AED
*New Starting Rate: 6 AED

*Minimum Fare: 10 AED
*New Minimum Fare: 15 AED

*Toll Fee: 4 AED if crossing Al Maktoum Bridge (not sure about other bridges).
*Toll Fee: No more Toll Fees.

The driver also told me that the rate of the next succeeding charge will remain the same (50 Fils), and it will cover more distance before you get charged another 50 Fils. Anyway, I had to confirm this fare hike from another taxicab, and he verified that it’s true. Well, unless it’s printed on a newspaper and announced in different media channels, I won’t expect too much. But this is good that I’ve been warned before I become shocked at it.

Using Mall Car Lift Service

This is going to be a problem for me especially on weekends when I go home late at night from the shop. I normally take the metro on weekdays; but on weekends, I take a taxi.

This time, I’ll most likely use the Car Lift services provided by freelance drivers. At least I’ll only pay 5 Dirhams for the ride back to Karama instead of paying at least 15 Dirhams by taxi. Although it’s going to be a bit longer (as I have to wait for other passengers of the carlift), it will be a lot cheaper.

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