UAE Airlines Clarify Rules for Stranded Expats Vaccinated in their Home Countries

Those stranded in the UAE who have gotten the Covishield vaccine in India will not be able to return at this time, according to Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways, which have reiterated that only those vaccinated in the UAE would be allowed to travel back for the time being.

In Pakistan and Sri Lanka, persons who were inoculated with Sinopharm, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sputnik V, and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines face the same risks.

UAE Airlines Clarify Rules for Stranded Expats Vaccinated in their Home Countries

UAE Airlines Announces New Rules for Stranded Expats who Got Vaccinated in their Home Countries

Last Monday, UAE authorities issued further exemptions for passengers from six nations whose flights had been suspended. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda, and Nigeria are the countries in question. However, Emirates, a Dubai-based carrier, later declared that flights to and from Nigeria will be suspended until at least August 15, the Khaleej Times reported.

As soon as the new rules were published, stranded residents swarmed both airlines’ social media accounts with questions. One of the most common questions was if the immunizations had to be taken in the UAE.

“Only passengers with a valid UAE residence visa who have been fully vaccinated in the UAE and who hold an official vaccination certificate issued and approved by relevant authorities in the UAE are permitted to return to the UAE,” said Emirates Airlines on Sunday, in response to a query from a Twitter user who’d taken the Moderna jab.

The airline clarified the guidelines in response to another Twitter user called Rajeev who inquired whether there was “any hope for fully vaccinated travellers from India to travel to Dubai.” However, it noted that “requirements are always changing” and advised the inquirer to check its official website for updates.

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