UAE Among the World’s Lowest COVID-19 Death Rates at 0.5%

The UAE government has reported that it has maintained a relatively low number of deaths related to complications from acquiring COVID-19. The country’s death rate is only at 0.5%, recording among the world’s lowest in terms of deaths per confirmed cases. 

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This number was derived from 391 individuals who have died out of 75,098 confirmed cases.

UAE Among the World's Lowest COVID-19 Death Rates at 0.5%
Credits: WAM

With 0.5% Death Rate, UAE Confirms Position As Among World’s Safest Places Amid COVID-19  

According to Dr. Omar Al Hammadi, the official spokesman for the UAE Government, this remarkable feat was due the efforts and success achieved by the frontliners since the first day so far resulting in a unique achievement that made the Emirati model an honorable role model while addressing the pandemic, the Khaleej Times reported.

Dr. Al Hammadi also noted that the significant rise in the number of recoveries of over 2,000 people in one day can be attributed to several reasons and factors, most notably the adoption of new advanced treatments and the country’s strategy aimed at enlarging the scope of testing, to detect infections as early as possible, enforce the necessary quarantine, and provide patients with the appropriate treatment.

He also highlighted the importance of everyone’s cooperation in curbing the spread of the virus as much as possible, reassuring the public that the efforts to develop a vaccine have reached advanced stages.

Dr. Al Hammadi then explained several factors that could reduce the spread of the virus, most especially the wearing of masks, practicing social distancing and sanitizing hands, as well as taking regular vaccines for other viruses, such as the seasonal flu.

The third and last factor, Dr. Al Hammadi said, involves taking care of public health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food, exercising, and avoiding cigarette smoking.

He then urged people with chronic diseases to adhere to their drug regimen to avoid developing any complications. He also encouraged the public to look after the elderly and people with chronic illnesses and advised to avoid visits unless completely necessary.

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