BREAKING: UAE Announces Masks No Longer Mandatory in Some Places

Breaking News: UAE Authorities have announced that wearing a face mask in some public places is no longer a requirement in some public places in the country. People are still required to maintain social distancing of 2 meters.

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This decision of easing the restrictions was made due to the success of the safety guidelines and measures implemented and as a result after the number of COVID-19 cases have significantly dropped. There will be signs and posters put up to remind residents of these new updates.

Here are some key takeaways based on the announcement.

  • No Need for Masks when Exercising in Public Places
  • No Need for Masks in Private Vehicles (if people from the same house are travelling)
  • No Need for Masks when in Open Swimming Pools
  • No Need for Masks at the Beach
  • No Need to Wear Masks for People in Closed Spaces (if they are Alone)
  • When obtaining Personal Services for the Face and Head (in Barbershops, Beauty Centers, Salons), as well as in medical centers and clinics when getting a diagnosis and treatment.


The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) have announced that it is not mandatory to wear a mask in some places while adhering to the application of the principle of physical distancing of two meters.

This decision comes after monitoring the noticeable decrease in the number of cases registered in the country, which came as a result of the success of the national efforts made in the investigation operations and the expansion of the scope of examinations at the state level to detect cases of infections, in addition to the availability of multiple vaccines against the “COVID-19” virus and the cooperation of the community in implementing Precautionary and preventive measures in the previous period.

It will be allowed not to wear a mask when exercising in public places and on private transportation for residents of the same house, as well as beachgoers, open swimming pools, and people who are alone in closed spaces, or when obtaining personal services for the face and head in barbershops and beauty centers, salons, as well as in medical centers and clinics when getting a Diagnosis and treatment.

The local authorities will also be obligated to put up signs showing the places where it will be allowed not to wear the mask, and to adhere to the application of the principle of physical distancing of two meters.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management stressed the need to adhere to wearing the mask in the places where it is obligatory to wear it, as all studies confirmed that the mask was one of the most important means of preventing the virus.

The two sides stressed the need to follow the preventive and precautionary measures set by the concerned authorities to ensure the provision of health security, safety and prevention for all members of society, and to assume social responsibility with awareness and solidarity of all.

Here is the post from the official Twitter account of NCEMA UAE:

Translated: the Ministry of Health: Allowing the non-compulsory wearing of masks in some places, while adhering to the application of a distance of 2 meters, after monitoring the noticeable decrease in the number of injuries in the country as a result of the success of national efforts in the investigation of injuries and the availability of multiple vaccines.

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