UAE Private and Public Schools to Extend Distance Learning until June 2020

Dr. Amna Al Dahak, spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, addressed the latest developments in the education sector, announcing that as per Federal Cabinet directives, the distance learning system will continue until the end of the 2019-2020 academic year for all government and private schools and higher education institutions across the country.

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”Education is a priority for the country’s leadership, which is closely following up on the learning process to ensure a better future for students under these exceptional circumstances and simultaneously uphold the safety and well-being of students and the educational community,” she affirmed.

uae ministry of education extends distance learning all schools
Dr. Amna Al Dahak, spokesperson for the Ministry of Education | Image: WAM

UAE Private and Public Schools, Universities, Educational Insititutions to Extend Distance Learning until end of Academic Year

She described the ongoing distance learning phase as “important and enriching.”

”We treasure the cooperation and interaction shown by all stakeholders, including parents, students, and the media, in the first phase of e-learning,” she added.

She said that the Ministry of Education polled more than 185,000 parents and students for their feedback so as to improve the process.

According to poll findings, she noted, the Ministry has re-scheduled the distance learning study plan, which will start next Wednesday, to sustain the learning process.

”We are also currently updating the assessment and examination mechanisms for general and higher education,” she remarked.

The Ministry, she continued, has added smart solutions and interactive applications to improve e-learning and its outcomes.

Below is a Tweet regarding the announcement: