UAE to Focus on Food, Water Security as Part of its Post-COVID-19 Strategy

The UAE government has announced that it will prioritize food and water security as part of its post-COVID-19 strategies following the projected timeline of the pandemic, which could last up to two years, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the objective is to launch specialist initiatives that will ensure our readiness to confront all types of crises. 

UAE to Focus on Food, Water Security as Part of its Post-COVID-19 Strategy
Credits: WAM

Food and Water Security Top UAE Gov’t’s Priority for Post-COVID-19 Strategy 

By focusing on the most pressing matter at hand, the UAE was able to come with strategies that have created a positive impact on the country’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

And according to a report by WAM, Sheikh Mohammed said: “Food and water security are among the priorities of the UAE Government for the post-coronavirus, COVID-19, period, and the objective is to launch specialist initiatives that will ensure our readiness to confront all types of crises.”

He added that the global coronavirus crisis has enabled the UAE’s leadership to adopt a comprehensive vision aimed at handling challenges, and they have agreed to take advantage of the moment to strengthen the country’s food and water security.

In his announcement, Sheikh Mohammed also underscored that protecting the country’s prosperity requires national awareness of ways of harnessing resources and capacities to create a comprehensive and self-sufficient system, and this can be achieved when national security is ensured.

The UAE’s efforts to strengthen its food and water security are part of the federal government’s responsibility to ensure the country’s readiness for future changes, capitalize on its achievements during the coronavirus pandemic, and continue the success of national authorities in establishing comprehensive working teams that can undertake the necessary procedures to provide food supplies in local markets. 

Moreover, the government is keen to find practical solutions for reinforcing water security and to fulfill the needs of agricultural projects supported by appropriate technologies.

During the meeting Sheikh Mohammed instructed Mariam Hareb Almheiri, Minister of State for Food Security, to monitor the national reserves, invest in food technologies, establish international partnerships, and implement practical solutions to the challenges facing the UAE.

UAE to Focus on Food, Water Security as Part of its Post-COVID-19 Strategy
Credits: WAM

For her part, Almheiri highlighted the key efforts and initiatives aimed at strengthening the UAE’s food and water security and presented a strategic plan for this portfolio, while pointing out that the country’s leadership has the vision to foresee the future, and aims to harness all national capacities to find practical solutions for future global issues related to social and economic stability.

Almheiri added that the work involved in the portfolio included managing national strategic reserves, supporting research and development, and promoting global partnerships and international representations. 

And finally, she affirmed that strategic food and water security indexes rely on the sustainability of water resources and access to water.

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