DID YOU KNOW? Violation of COVID-19 Quarantine Protocols May Cost You Up to AED 50,000 in UAE

As most parts of the world have seen an uptick in coronavirus cases recently, UAE authorities announced that the fines for violating COVID-19 protocols, non-compliance with safety rules, such as wearing of masks and social distancing, and spreading misinformation will range between AED 1,000 (272 USD) and AED 50,000 (13,610 USD).

UAE Attorney-General, Dr Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, released the updated list through an advisory on Saturday (August 21), urging all residents to strictly abide by the law and follow the measures set by the government to ensure the public’s health and safety in these circumstances.


DID YOU KNOW? Violation of COVID-19 Quarantine Protocols May Cost You Up to AED 50,000 in UAE

Up to AED 50,000 Fine for Breaking COVID-19 Quarantine Measures in UAE

Here is the updated list of fines related to violations on quarantine protocols, safety measures and travel procedures in the UAE, as outlined in the report by Gulf Today:

AED50,000 Fine:

  • Failure to observe home quarantine instructions or to get retested as per health procedures.
  • Failure to observe quarantine facility instructions or getting retested according to health procedures.
  • Noncompliance with mandatory hospitalization or abstaining from taking the prescribed treatment.

AED 20,000 Fine:

  • Deliberate nondisclosure of information of individuals coming to the country from abroad or failure to observe quarantine guidelines.
  • Tampering with or providing misleading information
  • Non-adherence to the implementation of precautionary measures or bypassing quarantine instructions.
  • Hiring employees or domestic workers from abroad and not disclosing their arrival or not subjecting them to quarantine procedures.

AED 10,000 fine:

  • Losing or damaging e-tracking devices or accessories.

In addition to this list, other fines may be imposed on hacking apps and online services related to monitoring quarantine cases and other relevant information, as well as withholding information from authorities regarding the damage or loss of the e-tracking device after 24 hours from the time the connection had been cut off with the person supposedly undergoing quarantine.

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