Gov’t to Launch Welfare Initiative for Low-Income Families in 2019

With the entry of the Year of Tolerance in the UAE, the government has come up with new initiatives to safeguard the social and economic welfare of families who are within the poverty line in the country.

The UAE has been actively developing initiatives to look after its residents, particularly those residing in Abu Dhabi, where a number of subsidized services are being given to its less fortunate residents which include affordable housing programmes, free healthcare both in the public and private sectors, and food subsidies among others.

Gov’t to Launch Welfare Initiative for Low-Income Families in 2019

Gov’t to Support Low-Income Families through Welfare Programme

The Department of Community Development has rolled out Abu Dhabi’s Social Support Programme, which falls under the Emirate’s developmental accelerator initiative “Ghadan 21” and overall social development framework. The programme aims to provide financial support to residents of Abu Dhabi who are living on limited income and to help them slowly achieve financial independence.

The programme also aims to activate individuals who can work and to assist them in securing jobs more easily, based on their abilities and skillsets. The activation programme was designed in partnership with several government entities.

The said initiative will complement the aforementioned existing programmes in Abu Dhabi, which aim to ameliorate the quality of life of those who are most in need of these assistances, as determined by the government.

As per the department, the programme will begin to accept applications gradually, with the first phase of the initiative to be rolled out in Al Dhafrah (formerly Al Gharbia) on January 6. Meanwhile, the second phase will commence in Al Ain on January 20, to be followed by Abu Dhabi city on February 24.

The applicants who will meet the programme’s eligibility criteria and requirements will begin receiving government support starting April of next year.

Furthermore, in order to effectively deliver financial support to the programme’s recipients, the department shared that it will partner with relevant organizations to develop training programmes and initiatives to help the identified family members who are able to work to immediately find jobs suitable to their qualifications and abilities.


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