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Articles can be about any relevant topic that our readers find useful. Dubai events, restaurant reviews, places to visit, photo stories, travel experiences, life as an expat and other useful tips for fellow overseas workers in Dubai. Tell us what’s happening in the form of a post and we’ll feature it here.

DubaiOFW is an ever-growing community for overseas workers in Dubai. We are building a base and creating an information hub. Our goal is to unite and share our ideas and learn from each other as we strengthen our bond as expats abroad.

Why Contribute?

We don’t offer a commission, but if you’re looking for an online platform that can reach a number of people in Dubai, we can help you towards that. Below are our stats to give you an idea how many people we reach online.

Stats in August 2016:
– Page Views: 500,000 Page Views
– Email Subscribers: 21,000 Email Subscribers
– Social Media Reach: 620,000 combined Followers on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

The article will include a byline with photo, name, and short description of the author. We will also include a link to your personal website/social media account. This can help gain exposure to your blog. As Dubai OFW reaches thousands of readers everyday, we can help you gain exposure to your site/blog and use the article as part of your portfolio online. Bonus is we’ll share some tips on blogging, SEO, and writing effectively.

How to Submit Your Article
If you have a story to share, send us your contribution. Or pitch us your idea, we’ll send you some writing tips. Send an email to

Writing Tips & Guidelines
If you feel you already have an article in mind, here are some guidelines and tips to help you with your first post.

  • Your article must be unique and not yet published in other blogs/publications. In case you’ve already written a similar article, you may rewrite it in a way that’s presented differently.
  • Articles should be a minimum of 400 words and written in English.
  • Keep the article simple, positive and have a friendly tone.
  • Include photos! Photography is an important part and adds more impact to your post. Please note that the photo you post should be your own or you have permission to use.
  • Your article must NOT include commercial links (links to companies, job websites, agencies, etc.). Please fill out the contact form in case you wish to publish a guest post with a sponsored link.
  • Include a short author bio with a link to your personal site or blog and/or social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Article Topics
Below are just some example topics we’re looking for…

  • Tips about Life as an expat (job hunting, etc.)
  • Informative Articles about life as an OFW
  • How To’s, Guides, Listicles (Top 5 Places to Visit, 10 Things I’ve Learned…, etc.)
  • Food Adventures/ Restaurant Features
  • Travel Experiences in Dubai (or in your own country)
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Photo Stories
  • Diaries as an Expat

All contributions are subject to approval, so it’s really great if you can pitch us your idea first! Send an email to

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