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Hugh Jackman in UAE for Global Teacher Prize Awards

Every year, the Global Teacher Prize Awards recognizes the best teachers from around the world, granting a USD 1 million prize to the most outstanding educator. Every year, celebrities are invited to attend and perform… and this year’s event features Hugh Jackman! Yay! The Greatest Showman himself is now here in the UAE to attend the… Read more

Residents in UAE Will Soon Pay Only 1 Month Penalty for Early Mobile Phone Contract Termination

One of the first things that anyone should get when they reach adulthood is a mobile phone, more so when working as a foreign national overseas. However, this may not seem such an easy thing to do because of the (oftentimes tedious) procedures one is required to perform, like opening a bank account or applying… Read more

[LOOK] New Dubai Metro 2020 Route Quickly Taking Shape

With the official launch date for the Dubai Expo 2020 just a few months away, the government has been stepping on the gas to complete its complementary projects and services to be offered for this momentous event. ALSO READ: Catch FREE Live Performances at Dubai Metro Stations this March One of the projects that the government… Read more

Filipina Based in Dubai Charged of Business Fraud

While many of our kababayan based overseas aspire to put up a business of their own, the dream is one that is not so easy to attain, especially when there are many considerations that need to be addressed first with the government of the host country you are covered by. And because we know that… Read more

WATCH Killer Whales Spotted in UAE Waters After 10 Years

A family of killer whales has been spotted about 70 kilometres off the coast of Dubai, near Moon Island. The last time they were seen in UAE waters was in 2008 — more than 10 years ago! ALSO READ: First Arabian Eagle Owl Spotted in the UAE An Emirati businessman, Ghaith Al Khaja, 27, was on… Read more

Netflix Eyes to Expand Service in the UAE, Gulf Region

Many believe that for every millennium, there always comes at least one great innovation which the whole world gets to benefit from. For our generation, that could inarguably be the internet, but with the dawn of streaming services dominated by brands like Netflix, among others, a lot of us would probably be reconsidering our personal… Read more

Residents Hail UAE as ‘Safest Country’ in the World

The UAE government has been keen on living up to the values set by the nation’s forefathers, which aims to create a place of respect, unity, tolerance, and happiness for its people. On that note, the government’s thrusts as enacted by each emirate in the nation has been geared toward protecting and promoting the public’s… Read more

Man Divorces Wife Who Underwent Plastic Surgery 4

Usually, we hear about couples getting divorced because of irreconcilable differences, or in some cases, domestic violence and abuse. Recently, however, a man in the UAE has divorced his wife for… getting plastic surgery to look more beautiful! ALSO READ: Divorce Bill Approved by House of Representatives Apparently, the woman had gone under the knife at a hospital in… Read more

dubai summer surprises uae

Six weeks of sale. This is what’s in store this summer as it signals one of the major shopping events in Dubai – the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS). This is a season that a lot of residents anticipate due to the price of items in retail outlets and shops dropping. It’s a huge shopping spree… Read more

How to Apply for an OFW e-Card

The early part of 2019 has seen a number landmark bills protecting the rights of OFWs passed into law. However, there is still much need for our modern-day heroes to understand and to have better access to the benefits and privileges that they very much deserve for their selfless contributions, not only to their families… Read more

AED 1 Million Prize Money up for Grabs for UAE Hope Makers

Bannering 2019 under the theme of “Year of Tolerance,” UAE leaders are promoting several initiatives that would not only contribute to nation building, but also foster Emirati values of tolerance and acceptance of every citizen in society. In line with this, certain legislations and decisions have been implemented by the Emirati leaders, in order to… Read more

Pinay Housemaid Charged for Molesting Employer's 5-year-old Girl

On Sunday, March 17, the Dubai Court of First Instance, heard the case of a housemaid who had been arrested for sexually molesting her employer’s 5-year-old daughter. ALSO READ: 2 Pinay Maids Arrested for Stealing Clothes, Money from Sponsor The defendant, a 27-year-old Filipina housemaid, had admitted to touching the young girl inappropriately. Hence, she was… Read more

Catch KZ Tandingan Live in Dubai on March 22 1

We’ve got great news for KZ Tandingan fans! The award-winning Filipino singer is having a concert here in Dubai on 22 March 2019, this coming Friday… or shall we say… Fri-yay!!! The SUPREME: KZ Tandingan Live Concert will be held at Zabeel Hall 7, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). The event is brought to us… Read more

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