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6,000 Investors & Entrepreneurs Apply for Long-term Visas

Early this month, the UAE Government started issuing five to 10-year visas, and so far around 6,000 investors and entrepreneurs have submitted applications for the long-term visa. ALSO READ: UAE Cabinet OKs New Long-term Visa System The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) revealed on Wednesday that there has been a surge of submissions “during… Read more

ramadan night sale expo centre sharjah

Avid shoppers have more reasons to rejoice this Ramadan month especially to those residing in the emirate of Sharjah. Aside from huge discounts on groceries and great bargains on new cars, the annual “Ramadan Nights” is happening in Sharjah during Ramadan and Eid holidays. The 17-day mega sale will offer discounts of as much as 80 percent!… Read more

World's First Nature-inspired Mall Opens Carrefour Hypermarket

One of the country’s most popular supermarkets, Carrefour, recently opened at Cityland Mall, a 1.2 million square feet development, just off the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Highway. ALSO READ: 8 Budget-friendly Supermarkets in Dubai Cityland Mall is located near Global Village and caters to the residential communities of Al Barari, Arabian Ranches, Falcon City, Layan, Majan, The Villa,… Read more

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Dubai

As in most countries, buying a new car in Dubai involves registering the vehicle under your name. But what if you are planning to purchase a secondhand car instead? In this case, you will have to transfer ownership of the vehicle under your name as well. ALSO READ: How to Get a Driving License in Dubai Transferring ownership of a… Read more

[PHOTOS] Largest Mosque in Sharjah Now Open to Public

In the spirit of promoting tolerance and openness to non-Muslim residents and tourists, UAE governments are creating opportunities for these people to get to know more about the Emirati culture and Islamic teachings, as part of the Emirati way of life. ALSO READ: PHOTOS: New Mosque Named After Dubai Ruler’s Late Son And where religion… Read more

Free-to-use Adventure Skate Park Opens in Fujairah

Attention, skaters and riders! There’s a new place in town where you can show off your skills in rollerblading, skateboarding, long-boarding, balance biking, and other extreme stunts! ALSO READ: Visit the World’s First ‘Smart Park’ in Dubai You heard that right! The Fujairah Adventure Park has recently opened — the latest addition to many exciting places to… Read more

UAE Space Agency, Exolaunch Target MeznSat Launch by Year-End

The UAE continues to forge ahead in its space science efforts, following a big year in this field with the first Emirati astronauts undergoing training last year, and then having the main astronaut named for the first space mission an Emirati will embark on later this year. ALSO READ: First Emirati Astronaut Set for 8-day… Read more

Al Faya – Seeh Shuaib E75 Road Rehabilitation Project Completed in Abu Dhabi

In advancing movement across all emirates in the country, the government through its various agencies, has launched various initiatives that would improve services on the national level, which would mean higher happiness index for residents of the country. ALSO READ: Dubai’s Infrastructure Solution to Address Traffic Congestion Takes Shape Other than improving traffic policies, creating… Read more

[WATCH] Dubai Snags New Guinness World Record Title

The Municipality of Dubai has been breaking records early on this year, with the city being named as one of the best cities in the world, and through the municipality leadership’s efforts in further developing the city as a unique lifestyle destination, the vision is becoming clearer and clearer by the day. ALSO READ: Visit… Read more

Gov’t to Consider Setting Up Retirement Funds for Expats

Part of the goal of working abroad is to gain financial independence and stability in the long run, especially for those who are not easily offered the privilege to gain citizenship, as in most countries in the Middle East, including the UAE. ALSO READ: Expats on Job Seeker Visas Reminded to Check Validity Dates Despite… Read more

Dubai Employee Steals 100 Emirates ID; Illegally Sells Them for up to AED 105 Each

For those planning to work and live in the UAE, one of the basic documents that you need to secure is an Emirates ID. This document is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents (expats included) to apply for and carry at all times, as this will serve as proof of identity to… Read more

UAE Strengthens Legal Course Against Human Trafficking

As Ramadan is once again being observed by most Islamic countries at the moment, authorities have once again reviewed their efforts in curbing the entry of illegal immigrants in the country for purposes such as begging, sexual exploitation, and other forms of illegal labour. ALSO READ: DFA Warns Against Social Media Posts Offering Jobs in… Read more

Ramadan Big Bazaar Soon to Return in Dubai

The month-long observance of Ramadan in the UAE has got all citizens’ cravings curbed, from food and drinks to various forms of merry-making, but not shopping. ALSO READ: Muslims All Over the World to Benefit from UAE Ramadan Initiative This is probably one of the many things people in the UAE look forward to during… Read more

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