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pad thai noodles benjarong

Benjarong is the signature restaurant of Dusit Thani Dubai, a five-star hotel in the emirate. Just as the hotel features classic Thai-style design, the restaurant serves authentic Thai dishes. Also Read: Another Bar, a Trendy Cocktail Bar in Dusit Thani Dubai The term “Benjarong” translates to “Five Colors,” in reference to the hues and intricate… Read more

Catch the Lunar Eclipse in UAE Next Week

The hot summer season in the UAE can really be a cause for alarm, but this isn’t everything all there is to the country especially this time of the year, astronomically speaking. Astronomy fans have much to look forward to by next week, as even regular residents in the country are unlikely to miss what’ll… Read more

Pakistan Cautions Nationals against Fake Dubai Job Offers

Many foreign nationals aspire to land a job in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE, which has been among the top expat destinations for work and residence all over the world for some time now. Also Read: How to Spot Fake Jobs Online However, getting into the UAE by means of employment does not guarantee… Read more

Traffic Fines in UAE Can Now be Settled at Smart Kiosks

Digitalisation of services has always been one of the strongest suits of the UAE society. From face-recognizing gates at UAE airports to renewal of driving licenses, everything you need will soon be made accessible online. This is a great thing for residents as well as for the industry the service works for because it hastens… Read more

another bar dusit thani dubai photo

There are quite a number of bars in Dubai, but if you’re looking for a new place to just chill with your friends, check out “Another Bar” and you’ll find… that it’s not just another bar! We were able to check out this place and had a great time especially with its interior and experimental… Read more

UAE Park Fined AED 80,000 over Young Girl’s Accident

The summer vacation period allows families to get together and spend time doing things that they don’t get to do as much as when there’s school or work. This is also the perfect time to visit family-friendly tourist attractions in the city to have fun and to learn something new, as well. Also Read: List… Read more

Gov’t Sets Daily Cash Limit for VAT Refunds at AED 7,000

Other than getting to see one of the top cities in the world, visiting the UAE also has additional perks for tourists, particularly those who wish to go on a shopping spree during their visit. Also Read: Dubai Airport WiFi Access This is because the national government has set VAT refunds for goods bought in… Read more

blocking traffic emergency

If you’ve been in the UAE, you’d know that road accidents are dealt with very seriously, as well as violators caught in the act of breaking traffic rules. As traffic congestion is a problem that is recognized on a global scale, governments are exploring ways to address this phenomenon through the establishment of laws and… Read more

Gov’t Bans Pay-per-Use Data to Address Bill Shocks

Living overseas in a country such as the UAE can be difficult not only in terms of adjustment on the part of expats, but also among residents, especially since most services in the country offered are not easy on the pocket. Also Read: How to Set up Mobile Data Package in Dubai Of course, people… Read more

Catch Huge Discounts on Long-haul Flights this Summer with Emirates

The summer period in the UAE is more than just a couple of days off to go to the beach, it’s also the time when most residents (expats included) travel overseas, or visit their respective home countries to spend time with their family and loved ones. As a global destination, the UAE has now become… Read more

UAE Signs New Visa Agreements, Air Traffic Arrangements

In the recent month, the UAE has strengthened its efforts in boosting tourism efforts by establishing new laws, introducing new initiatives, and promoting travel options for residents and foreign nationals alike. And to further capitalize on this development, the UAE government continues to explore new ways and areas where it can deliver high quality services,… Read more

minato restaurant radisson blu deira creek

Minato is a Japanese restaurant located in Radisson Blu Hotel at Dubai Deira Creek. For more than a decade now, it has been a favourite among the Japanese and other nationalities. The term “minato” literally translates to “harbor,” which could be attributed to the restaurant being a harbor for fantastic food and happy times among its… Read more

sumibiya korea bbq dinner dubai

Have you ever had a “yakiniku style” dining experience yet? If not, then you should check out Sumibiya, a Korean restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel along Dubai Deira Creek. Imagine sitting in this upscale restaurant overlooking the Dubai Creek, having a lively discussion with your friends while cooking your own food… That’s right! The term “yakiniku”… Read more

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