Cebu Pacific Flight from Dubai to Manila Cancelled Due to Technical Issue

A Cebu Pacific flight from Dubai to Manila was cancelled due to technical issues and passengers are stranded since last night (Tuesday).

Flight 5J015, which was scheduled to depart at 11:10pm (UAE Time) on August 22, 2017, gas been cancelled due to technical issue prior to flying.

Cebu Pacific Flight 5J015 Dubai to Manila (Aug. 22, 2017) Flight Cancelled

Cebu Pacific Air posted a message on their official Twitter account containing a link to an advisory about the said cancellation.

It mentions that hotel accommodation, food and travel vouchers are to be provided to the passengers affected. However, to those who are not able to receive hotel accommodation because of UAE visa policies, they’re to be provided access to the airport lounge.

The affected passengers will be accommodated in today’s (August 23, 2017) Dubai to Manila flight.

Below is the full advisory statement from Cebu Pacific Air regarding the said incident. Please be advised.

#CEBAdvisory on Dubai-Manila flight 5J015, as of 08:00AM (PH Time)

Cebu Pacific Flight 5J015 Dubai-Manila scheduled to depart at 3:10am (Manila time) 11:10PM (Dubai time) yesterday, August 22, 2017, is cancelled due to detected technical issue prior to flying.

Affected guests will be accommodated on the next available flight scheduled to depart at 3:10am (Aug 24, Manila time) 11:10PM (Aug 23, Dubai time).

We will be providing affected passengers with meals, a one-way travel voucher, other necessities, and hotel accommodation, subject to visa policies of the United Arab Emirates.

Passengers who were not able to avail of hotel accommodation due to visa policies of UAE were provided access to the airport lounge.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused. The safety of our passengers remains our top priority.