Key Benefits of ISO 20000 for Organizations – IT Service Management Standard

IT Service Management Standard (ITSM) ensures that an organization’s IT Services process are in line with the international best practices and the organizational objectives.

ISO 20000 standard helps organizations benchmark their managed services delivery and service levels and assess the performance.

Many organizations in the public and private sector require their IT Service Providers to be compliant to the ISO 20000.

The ISO 20000 Certification provides you the access to global markets. It also helps in gaining client confidence and helps in developing a culture of continuous improvement in the organization.

What are the Highlights of ISO 20000 Standard?

  • Demonstrate reliability and high quality of service
  • Access key markets, many private and public companies require their IT Service provider to be ISO Compliant
  • Client Assurance that service requirements will be fulfilled
  • Enforce continuous improvement practices in the workplace and raise the operational efficiency
  • Optimize resource, reduce cost, and enhance work productivity
  • And many more..

The ISO 20000 Standard enables the IT Service Providers to have better control of their Service Delivery process and fulfilment of Service License Agreement targets.

The incident management and problem management process defined by the ISO 20000 equips the IT Service provider to improve their services and enhance customer satisfaction.

ISO 20000 helps small and medium-sized companies to enhance their productivity through instant process improvements.

Continuous improvement is the key to ISO 20000 to get the desired results.  The IT service operations are to be regularly monitored, measured and reviewed.  It helps in staying ahead in the competitive market.

ISO 20000 System is applicable for various industries such as

  • Internal IT Service provider in any sector
  • IT Service Outsourcing
  • Application Service Providers (Hosted/Cloud Solutions)
  • Government Contractors
  • Any Organization with IT Systems and Operations

Also for organizations that require secured IT operations and handle a large amount of customer and financial data such as:

  • Banks, Retailers, and other merchants: Payment Cards, Data Security Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Utility companies – Telecom, energy sector, transportation, etc.
  • Healthcare
  • Space Science
  • Social Networks
  • And many more..

ISO 20000 Benefits_DubaiOFW

Key Benefits of ISO 22000 Standard for the Organization

  1. Ability Outsource Core Functions

ISO 20000 standard helps organizations in successfully outsource core IT service to an IT Service Delivery Team with full confidence.

The ISO 20000 Standard specifies that the interfaces between the outsourcers and the service providers to be documented and managed

  1. Competitive Differentiation

ISO 20000 certification is an aid to achieve a completive advantage by significantly lowering the cost. For example, the integration of incident management with problem management will result in a large reduction in incidents.

It will have a huge impact on costs, increasing profitability in existing customer accounts and enabling more businesses to come in.

  1. Access to Key Markets

With almost all industrial sectors demanding ISO 20000 for their IT service providers, it opens up a huge market possibility to venture into multiple industries and grow business.

  1. Compliance and Streamline Business Operations

Conformance with ISO 20000 helps in saving cost to a greater extent. As all operations will be well streamlined with minimal roadblocks.

  1. Continual Improvement

Confirming to the ISO 20000 enables in continual improvement and practice highly efficient IT services management and service delivery.

  1. Risk and Cost Optimization

ISO 20000 helps in cost reduction by minimizing incidents impact on the business activities and also lower or eliminate any rectification costs with problem management

  1. Integration with other Management System

ISO 20000 follows the plan-do-check-act methodology linked to customer/ business requirements using business metrics and reinforcing continual improvement.

Hence it can be integrated along with other ISO standards like the ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 27001:2013, etc.

So, ISO 20000 helps in streamlining the IT Service operations and raise the service delivery standards to the world’s best practices. So get certified with ISO 20000 for your IT Services and explore the market opportunities in full confidence.

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