April 23 Declared as Holiday for Both Public & Private Sectors for Israa and Miraj

UAE residents, April 23 has been declared as a paid holiday for government sector. The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announced that April 23, Sunday, is an official holiday for Ministries and Federal authorities to mark the Israa and Mirja holiday. Work is set to resume on April 24, Monday.

For private sector employees who have Fridays as their only day off in a week, the holiday is set on April 22 (Saturday).

But for private sector employees who both have Fridays and Saturdays as off from work, the holiday will also fall on April 23 (Sunday).

Isra and Miraj Holiday in UAE this April 2017

PUBLIC SECTOR – Holiday on April 23 (3-day weekend)
PRIVATE SECTOR with 1 day off a week (Fri) – holiday on April 22 (2-day weekend)
PRIVATE SECTOR with 2 days off a week (Fri & Sat) – Holiday on April 23 (3-day weekend)

Based on the aforementioned details, it means that public sector and private sector (with 2 days off a week) will have a long weekend.

“Israa and Miraj” refers to the night when Allah took Muslim Prophet Mohammad on a journey to from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heaven.

We will keep you posted with updates Below is a tweet from the official account of WAM News Agency concerning the said holiday on the 23rd April 2017.