New Proposed UAE Law Details How Expats Can Obtain Citizenship

A new proposed law in the UAE outlines the details on how expats can apply for citizenship under certain conditions and requirements.

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Among the provisions stated in the proposed law includes granting citizenship to investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and people with special talents who meet the terms and criteria set by the UAE government.

New Proposed UAE Law Details How Expats Can Obtain Citizenship

New Proposed Law Outlines Eligibility for Emirati Citizenship for Expats

The report published by Arabian Businesswhich had also been cited by various local newspapers, referenced an excerpt from the Justice Ministry’s circular.

The conditions for granting for citizenship include:

1 – A person should renounce their original nationality or any other nationality he/she holds.

2 – A person must maintain lawful and continuous residence in the UAE

3 – Must be fluent in the Arabic language

4 – Applicants must have a legitimate means of living 

5 – Must meet academic qualifications

6 – Must possess a record of good conduct in the UAE

7 – He/she must not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor that violates honor or trust unless he/she is rehabilitated.

8 – Applicants must obtain security approval

9 – Must swear an oath of allegiance to the State

Earlier last month, the UAE has launched the “Retire in Dubai” program. The said program offers resident immigrants and foreigners aged 55 and above to apply for a retirement permit to make the UAE their destination for retirement.