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Long weekend for UAE residents will happen on December 2 and 3 (Wednesday and Thursday) for the private sector (December 1-3 for public sector) in celebration of the of the UAE National Day and the Martyr’s Day.

Earlier, we shared information on possibly a long break early December. News reports from online publications mentions that a circular has been issued informing UAE residents of the said occasions. Here is also a tweet from the official UAE Ministry of Labour Twitter account confirming the break:

Tweet from MOL

Combining the Friday and Saturday weekend, this tallies to a 4-day break for the private sector. As for Federal authorities and ministries, the holidays start from December 1 (Tuesday), leading towards a 5-day break including Friday and Saturday weekends.

Private Sector – 4-Day Break from December 2-5 (Wednesday to Saturday)
Public Sector – 5-Day Break from December 1-5 (Tuesday to Saturday)

Other News Sources:

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