Top 21 Arab Resources to Learn Arabic

Arabic is a beautiful and complicated language with a long and interesting history. Following Arabic influencers can be a great way to improve your language skills and stay interested in the language, whether you are learning Arabic for work, travel, or just for fun.

In this piece, we’ll talk about ten influential Arabic language learners and teachers who can help you get better at Arabic. We’ll talk about why you should follow these leaders, what makes them stand out, and what you can expect to learn from them.

1. @BrianWilesArabic

Brian is an Arabic teacher and content creator who teaches Arabic about Egypt and anything related to Arab culture, You’ll have fun learning from him on YouTube since most of his videos are comedic. Its a plus point if you ever went to Egypt or is planning to go there since you’ll find it easier to navigate the place with his recommendations and what its like living in Egypt! You’ll find his content quite addictive and you’ll master Arabic in no time!

2. @learnarabicwithmaha

Maha teaches Arabic and has been doing so for more than ten years. She has a YouTube channel where she teaches people who don’t speak Arabic how to say it. Her lessons are interesting, and she uses situations from real life to teach Arabic. Maha is one of the most popular Arabic language teachers on YouTube. Her channel has more than 2.5 million followers.

3. @yallaharabic

Yallah Arabic is a website for people who want to learn Arabic. It has short lessons that are easy to understand. They use modern ways to teach Arabic so that their students can learn it quickly and well. For people who want to take their Arabic skills to the next level, Yallah Arabic also has paid classes.

4. @talkinarabic

Talk in Arabic is a website that helps people learn Arabic by giving them a lot of tools to use. They have a podcast about Arabic language and society that talks about many different things. Talk in Arabic also has tools, like worksheets and flashcards, that people can download to help them learn Arabic.

5. @lingualism

Lingualism is an online resource where people can find tools to help them learn Arabic. They help their fans learn Arabic by giving them books, audio books, and eBooks in Arabic. Lingualism has interesting content and a lot of useful knowledge about the Arabic language and culture. You can also learn other languages aside from Arabic such as Russian and Spanish to name a few.

6. @arabacademy

Arab Academy is a website for learning Arabic that has lessons, courses, and other tools for people who want to learn the language. They use modern ways to teach so that their students can quickly and easily learn Arabic. Arab Academy also has paid classes for people who want to learn more advanced Arabic. People from all walks of life can learn Arabic since they cater to kids, teens, and adults!

7. @kalamkids

This Arabic YouTube channel is perfect for Gulf kids who are living in the Middle East and there parents want them to learn the language at an early age, while parents are busy cooking or doing other things, the kids can watch Arabic language children-friendly videos that will help them grasp the basic of the language. Its a channel that is dedicated to making learning Arabic fun and educational for toddlers and babies! The Arabic teachers are Ms. Abrar & Ms. Rinad!

8. Learn Arabic with Khasu 

Khasu teaches Arabic and has a YouTube page where he teaches Arabic to people who don’t speak it as their first language. His content are interesting and give a lot of information about the Arabic language, so whether you’re a beginner or advance, you’ll learn something new from him!

9. @arabicwithsam


Sam, an Arabic language teacher, runs the @arabicwithsam Instagram account, which is a platform for learning Arabic. He gives his followers lessons and other tools for learning Arabic. Sam’s content is mostly about teaching Arabic to people who are just starting to learn or are in the middle of learning, but he also talks about more advanced issues.

He gives his fans different ways to learn Arabic, like video lessons, quizzes, and worksheets. Sam’s way of teaching is interesting and easy to understand, and he uses situations from real life to teach Arabic. His YouTube channel is one of the most famous places to learn Arabic on YouTube. It has more than 430k subscribers. Sam has a YouTube channel, but he also has a website where he gives paid courses for people who want to learn more advanced Arabic.

10. Mahmoud Al-Qudsi (@ArabicPod101)

Mahmoud Al-Qudsi started and runs ArabicPod101, which is used by many people to learn Arabic. The site has Arabic lessons, podcasts, and videos for people at all levels of learning. The material is meant to be interesting and useful, with a focus on everyday conversation and situations that happen in the real world.

The way that ArabicPod101 helps people learn is what makes it stand out. You can connect with other people who are also learning Arabic, share tips and tools, and get feedback on how well you are doing with the language. This sense of community can be very exciting and motivating for people who are learning Arabic.

11. @LetsLearnArabic

Another Arabic YouTube channel that is worth checking out is @LetsLearnArabic by Ahmed El Eissawi and Karim Jovian, they want to bridge the gap for Arabs and non-Arabs to learn the Arab language as smooth as possible, so whether you want to learn the Arabic alphabets or practice conversations then you can check the YouTube channel!

12. @TheArabicCoach

The Arabic Coach is a YouTube channel run by Aseel who teaches Arabic to both Arabs and non-Arabs alike! You can learn a lot from her YouTube channel since you can have an overview about life in Amman, Jordan from her street interviews videos to Arabic culture and more!

13. @ArabicTeacher323

Arabic teacher is an educational resource from YouTube for teaching Arabic to children and adults, from beginners to the professional level. Their goal is to teach people how to speak Arabic. Learn Arabic: sentences, phases, discussion, reading, and speaking, and vocabulary,

14. Ahmed Alqattan (@arbicwithahmed)

Ahmed Alqattan lives in Saudi Arabia, where he teaches Arabic and posts videos on YouTube. He is known for being a passionate and active teacher who uses humor, stories, and cultural insights to make learning Arabic fun and interesting.

What makes Ahmed Alqattan stand out is that he focuses on helping people learn good language and vocabulary in Arabic. He gives clear explanations and examples to help learners understand the rules of the language, which can be especially helpful for beginners.

15. Hala Alghawi (@arabicwithhala)

Hala Alghawi lives in the United States and works as an Arabic teacher and content writer. She is known for her fun and interesting lessons, which include games, quizzes, and other fun activities.

Hala Alghawi stands out because she works hard to teach spoken Arabic. She helps people learn language skills they can use in everyday talk. This is especially helpful for people who want to travel or do business in Arabic. You can book her for Arabic lessons here!

16. @LearnWithZakaria

The @LearnWithZakaria channel is for kids. It’s a good place for kids and parents to go every week to find great learning material. Their channel is full of great educational movies that will make your kids laugh and smile while teaching them the alphabet, names of animals, fruits, colors, shapes, vegetables, and they can also learn English and French too! With their cute characters, your kids will also enjoy learning and remembering the “Quran” in a fun and different way, no wonder why they have over 4.36 million subscribers on YouTube!

17. Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye

He wrote the famous “Gateway to Arabic” series, which is a complete Arabic course for beginners. He also teaches Arabic grammar and vocabulary through online classes. His style of teaching is very interesting and hands-on. You can find his Arabic lessons on his YouTube channel.

18. Shaykh Muhammad Al-Malki

He has been teaching Arabic for a long time and gives classes in Arabic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. He focuses a lot on classical Arabic and teaches it by using the Quran and other classic works. Shaykh is perfect for Arabic learners who are keen to polish their grammar more! You can check out his Arabic resources and book him through his Facebook page!


If you want to learn Arabic in a practical way by using themed topics, real-life events, conversations, and stories, Angela will help you learn Arabic quickly and easily. You can also learn from their online classes, blogs, and YouTube channel.

20. Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

Ustadh is best known for his interpretations of the Quran and his talks about Islam, but he is also a good Arabic master. He teaches Arabic language and vocabulary online and has a unique way of teaching that is both educational and fun. You can go to Bayyinah website and check out all of his Arabic language offerings and what his vision is all about!


@LearnWithSafaa is a fun and dynamic way to learn Arabic. Whether you want to start learning a new language from scratch or want to improve the ones you already know, they can help. Their content are made so that even a beginner can understand them. We also try to make learning a language fun and enjoyable.