Public & Private Beaches Closed for 2 Weeks, F&B Outlets to Serve 20% of Seating Capacity

Starting Sunday, March 22, beaches, pools, sports halls and lounges will be closed for 2 weeks. As gyms, spas, parks, cinemas are closed due to the outbreak, the closure has been extended to other leisure destinations as part of the precautionary measures. This was announced by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority.

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Aside from this, cafes, restaurants and Food and Beverage outlets will be regulated and will be able to serve customers provided that only 20 percent of the seating capacity is used and that there is a 2-meter distance between customers. Please be advised of this and let us all learn to practice social distancing and heed the advice of self-quarantine as we all combat the disease.

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UAE Government announces closure of leisure sites, preventive measures for F&B outlets for two weeks

The Ministry of Health and Prevention and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority have announced the closure starting tomorrow, Sunday, of public and private beaches, parks, swimming pools, movie theatres, and sports halls and lounges for a period of two weeks.

The two authorities have also decided to regulate the operation of restaurants, cafes, and F&B outlets for the same period.

The decision, which is subject to re-assessment after two weeks, states that restaurants, cafes, and F&B outlets will continue home delivery services during the closure period. They can also serve customers, provided only 20 percent of the seating capacity is used at any given time so that the necessary distance between people can be maintained. A physical distance of two meters between customers, in addition to other sanitation and public hygiene measures, must be ensured. Outdoor and self-order kiosks are exempted.

The two authorities have urged all relevant federal, local, and private institutions to ensure compliance with these decisions as per the law and to roll out all necessary guidelines to boost public awareness of the new measures.

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