5 Benefits of Homesickness

As OFWs, we all know how it is to be “homesick.” We feel lonely, depressed, and isolated. Our mind wanders to the comforts of home, where our family and friends are. Sometimes, our feelings may even affect our concentration and performance at work.

Indeed, homesickness is often associated with sad and negative feelings — but did you ever consider its brighter side? Come to think of it, being homesick does have its benefits. Read on to find out how you can view your situation in a more positive manner.

As OFWS, we all know how it is to be “homesick.”

The Brighter Side of Homesickness

Being homesick can actually benefit you in the following ways:

#1 – It helps you grow as a person.
On your own, you come to discover new things about yourself. You develop or enhance “life skills” such as cooking, budgeting, and driving. In a foreign land, you become exposed to new ways of thinking and doing things, which enable you to become a better person.

Being away from home spurs you to learn new knowledge and skills.

#2 – It compels you to meet new friends.
“No man is an island,” as the old saying goes. When you are in another country, you will meet new people at work, at home, and in the community. You will develop new friendships and relationships that could last for a lifetime.

#3 – It makes you more flexible.
Being in another country, you may have to learn the local language, or at least some basic words and phrases. You will also have to obey the country’s rules and customs, including traffic laws and dress code. Hence, you become more flexible as you learn to adapt in a new environment.

On your own, you learn to develop or enhance “life skills” such as budgeting.

#4 – It develops self-reliance and independence.
Back home, you can always count on your family and friends when you encounter problems. In another country, however, you are mostly on your own. You will have to rely on yourself to overcome problems and challenges. As a result, you become more self-reliant and independent.

#5 – It boosts your confidence and self-esteem.
As you learn new skills, make new friends, and become more independent – your confidence grows, too. Problems that seemed overwhelming in the past are not such a big deal now. You realize that you are stronger and wiser than you used to be.

Being abroad compels you to establish new friendships that could last for a lifetime.

Homesickness is an unavoidable part of being an OFW. It may seem unbearable at times, but it also enables you to become a stronger and better person. So the next time you feel tempted to wallow in sadness or negativity, choose instead to focus on the bright side.