Employment via Recruitment Agency or Direct Hire: Which One is Better?

Some people go abroad by getting hired directly by a foreign company. Meanwhile, some people gain overseas employment through a recruitment agency. For those who are planning to work abroad, you might be thinking — which method is better?

Overseas employment, whether through direct hiring or a recruitment agency, varies for everyone. Each situation has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Job seekers can either apply through an agency or get hired directly.

Working Abroad: Direct Hiring or Recruitment Agency?

Direct Hiring
Getting hired directly certainly seems appealing to a lot of people. Because of the Internet, some applicants are able to talk communicate with potential employers even before they leave their home country. If the interview goes well, they are assured of a job once they go abroad.

Initially, some people go to another country as tourists before applying for a job. Technically, this isn’t allowed and will constitute a fine if you get caught, but it is a risk that many job seekers take. Once they get hired, that’s when they take the necessary steps to obtain a working visa.

The Internet has made it possible to communicate with potential employers directly.

Recruitment Agencies
Meanwhile, some people get hired via recruitment agencies. Although this may sound like a costly or time-consuming option, it has certain advantages, as follows:

  • They are familiar with the recruitment process. Recruitment agencies (at least, the legit and reputable ones) have years of experience tucked under their belts. They are familiar with the overseas recruitment process, which means they can guide you every step of the way. This is particularly helpful when applying for a job with multinational company, whose recruitment process is often tedious and complicated.
  • They are trusted by employers. Many foreign companies actually prefer to work with recruitment agencies, especially since they “screen” applicants before endorsing them. Hence, if you apply through a trusted and reliable agency, you will have better chances of landing a job with these companies.
Either way, getting the job means grabbing opportunities and taking chances.

Getting hired directly has its perks, while applying through a recruitment agency also has its advantages. Instead of asking which one is better, perhaps the better question is this: what is your situation and preference? Either way, the important thing is to make sure that you are making informed choices as you take the steps towards working abroad.