5 Reasons Why a Hospitality Job is an In-Demand Career in Dubai

Desiring a career is very important and as a result, you have to be practical and opt for the one based on its availability. And if you are looking for a career that proffers scores of opportunities, then go with a course that has endless employment options in hospital industry. It will not only enable you to discover bigger career opportunities but great benefits, mobility and challenges.

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All you have to be is energetic and possess excellent social skills to take a course in hospitality sector. If you thrive in doing it, hospitality jobs will be a laudable career for you. Next would be to know about the options tendered by the hospitality industry. For many of you, it could be surprising, but true. The hospitality sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the globe. It is always a safe option to make a career in hospital industry. If you are thinking that hotel is the only domain of the hospitality industry, then get ready to come across many more options if you have a degree in hotel management.

Dubai is one of the famous destinations for growth and job opportunities in hospitality industry among professionals. Every year, numerous job seekers search and find their dream jobs in Dubai in different fields of work.

The Hotel Industry as a Booming Sector in Dubai

1. Rapidly growing sector and growth opportunities

Do you know that hotel sector is the fastest growing industry in the 21st century? The UAE is built on the hospitality industry and there are oodles of hotel jobs on-stream. And yes, you really don’t require Arabic to work in this country. With the mega events like Dubai Expo 2020 planned in Dubai, the sectors like real estate, tourism and hospitality will grow by leaps and bounds, thus creating numerous job opportunities.

Diverse skills are needed for working in a hotel domain from good communication, working in a team, revenue management, soft skills to facilities management. For example, if you are working in a hotel, then delivering customer satisfaction would be your priority. With different responsibilities, training and complete satisfaction, it is certainly a pretty good sector to find a career in Dubai.

2. Benefits, perks and earning capacity

Your earning capacity in the United Arab Emirates hospitality industry is excellent. Mostly hospitality jobs are paid at a higher rate with extra benefits for late nights and weekends. Whether you choose to work in office, take on a job of kitchen chef, supervisor or any position in the hotel, choosing a career in hospitality industry in one of the beautiful places of UAE would always be a safe bet. The median salary in Dubai’s hotel industry varies from AED 48,756 for Receptionist, AED 20,125 for Waiter/Waitress and AED 219,751 for Hotel Manager. (source) The biggest advantage of working in Dubai is that you earn a tax-free income that lets you get high levels of savings besides beneficial incentives.

3. Multi-cultural Environment

Those looking to make a successful career, hospitality sector enable you to explore opportunity in a multi-cultural setting. Thus, Dubai doesn’t let that internationalism stop at clients, those working in the kitchens, at the reception or at any other level come from different parts of the globe with different language, culture to work efficiently within the industry. Moreover, you will get to enhance skills and knowledge on other countries also.

4. Flexible Working Hours

The hospitality domain is famed to operate round the clock and those looking to get into this profession have an opportunity to decide on their working hours. They have plenty of flexibility in terms of shifts like day shift and night shift. And no other job would tender the opportunity of seasonal jobs that hospitality sector has.

5. Strategic Location

Transformed into a sector of hospitality and management, Dubai is a perfect place for carrying out this business activity. Dubai is one of the safe and modern Arab countries to offer a perfect lifestyle. Recognized as a hub for global job seekers, Dubai has emerged as an important center for pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. There are also several reputed institutes in Dubai that offer diploma and degree courses in hospitality and hotel management.


So, what are you waiting for? Choose any profession in hospitality and become a part of a dynamic career in Dubai. It is indeed a perfect platform and pretty interesting domain to get involved in.


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