Watch: Schoolbus Driver Ignores STOP Sign and Almost Runs Over Child

A video of a child almost hit by a school bus was posted by Abu Dhabi Police to warn all drivers to be careful and make sure to follow road rules. In this incident, a bus was already disembarking its student passengers and a child was trying to cross the road when the child was almost hit by a second schoolbus.

Footage was posted on Twitter by their official social media account page which shows the child and an attendant pulling back.

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screengrab from Abu Dhabi Police Twitter post

Abu Dhabi Police Video of Bus Driver Almost Nearly Hitting Child

Based on the incident, there were two violations sanctioned – reckless driving and not yielding to the bus STOP sign. There is also a corresponding fine and black points sanction following this violation.

Check out the video below:

A post from Abu Dhabi Police’s official twitter account showed a video of the incident


This video serves a reminder to all drivers to please give way to school buses even if we are in a hurry as these buses are given priority due to children crossing the street.

This is also a reminder to all pedestrians to always watch out and remain vigilant on the road.

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