Abu Dhabi Bus Services to Resume on Saturday

The Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has announced on Thursday (April 23) that bus services will be reactivated in the emirate starting Saturday. 

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On Wednesday, the DMT revealed that it will be intensifying its measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus by conducting a 48-hour disinfection drive of public bus services starting Thursday at 6 am. 

Bus Services to Resume Saturday in Abu Dhabi
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport: Abu Dhabi Bus Services to Resume Starting Saturday 

The initiative underscores the national government’s efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), as shared in a report by WAM.

Earlier, the department has announced that it will be suspending bus services in the emirate “until further notice“.

Meanwhile, according to the prior announcement, both taxis and buses for health care workers known as the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Link will continue to be operational during the period.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, the Dubai Police has announced that it will extend the 24-National Sterilization Program for another week.

This means that Dubai residents won’t be allowed to go out of their homes without a permit limited to essential activities only. 

The sterilization program which had been launched earlier this month asked residents to comply with a curfew from 8 p.m to 6 a.m daily, later extending to 24-hours a day, during which Dubai authorities have sanitized the metro, taxis, buses, trams as well as roads throughout Dubai neighborhoods.

Following the success of the program launched at the start of this month, the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai announces the extension of the 24-hour National Sterilization Programme for a further week, as shared in a DMO statement.

In line with these efforts, the UAE government has also enforced stringent measures on issuing a permit before leaving their house have also been ordered, where one will be allowed to issue a permit only once in three days, to practice physical distancing. The permit options are strictly for work, emergencies, grocery shopping or pharmacies, and for ATM visits.  

During the extended period of the national sterilization program, complete sterilization of all facilities, public transportation, and metro service will be carried out. 

As seen in the previous weeks, traffic and public traffic will be restricted whereas public transportation and the metro service will also be suspended.

In line with the extension of the national sterilization program, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has also announced that parking in the city will remain free for another week. 

This means that parking will be free for residents going out of their homes for essential needs. This will include all public and multi-story parking.

However, it has to be made clear to everyone that only those with permits can leave their homes to gather essential supplies (medicines or grocery supplies) or to carry out important activities such as getting money from ATMs, etc. And during this period, residents can only apply for a permit every three days unlike before when this can be done daily. 

Authorities are reminding everyone that those caught leaving their homes for unnecessary reasons without a permit could land them a hefty fine. Furthermore, protective masks and gloves must be worn at all times once you leave home.

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