9 Business Ideas from Filipino Celebrities

What’s one thing you can learn from Filipino celebrities? Their time in the limelight has an end; therefore, placing their hard-earned money to good use is a wise decision. There is a similarity OFWs have with Filipino celebrities; you’re not always going to be an employee, and there will be times when job hunting can be tough with the inflation and economic crisis the world is facing. 

It only makes sense that you’ll start looking for other means of income, and the same thing goes for OFWs. You won’t be working forever, and if you’re looking for business ideas, you can always look at successful Filipino celebrities thriving in the business world and get ideas from them! Here’s a roundup of business ideas from Filipino celebrities you can take inspiration from!

1. Kim Chiu – Luxury Handbags

Recently, Kim Chiu launched her luxury handbags brand, House of LittleBunny PH. She combined her passion for handbags and created luxury leather handbags that are ultimately arm candies. Her handbag brand had a soft launch last October 16, and she was overjoyed to see her handbags sold out hours after launching them. The actress shared that it all started with a question, what if? 

Therefore if you love all things luxury or are a handbag aficionado and have a knack for business, you can also try this kind of business and test the waters. There’s a market for those who love luxurious items in stores that don’t break the bank but still make them feel like royalty. Kim Chiu’s handbag business shows that with grit and determination, you can make your business flourish!

2. Sam Pinto- Beach Resort

If you’re the type of person, who loves surfing, the beach, and acquiring properties to be an investment for business or personal use. Then you can take inspiration from Sam Pinto; from her savings at 27 years old, she opened L’Sirene Boutique Resort in Aurora, Baler, even if she’s dead scared.

It’s been years since she opened her business, and it’s still thriving. Since you’re an OFW, you probably love lounging by the beach while sipping a pina colada in our homeland. While you’re at it, if you have the means, try opening a business similar to a beach resort. Don’t let your age or fears stop you from becoming the CEO!


3. Heart Evangelista- Beauty company for luxury products


Yes, Heart Evangelista has multiple businesses and accolades up her belt, but she’s also a businesswoman by heart, hailing from a successful family known for their successful run of Barrio Fiesta, it’s no doubt she’ll also open her own. She’s a co-owner of Pure Living, a luxury beauty and wellness company that offers high-end products that are attainable.

There’s a running joke online that people couldn’t afford Heart Evangelista’s luxurious items, but with her business, she’s having the last laugh since she’s offering them affordably to make them feel like royalty without going broke. You can take inspiration from the actress and influencer if you’re a fan of all things luxury beauty!


4. Anne Curtis – Cosmetic company

Anne Curtis is one of the many Filipino celebrities with successful makeup brands in their name; for Anne, BLK Cosmetics was founded last 2016 and has been an established beauty brand in the country since then.

You can also check out other celebrity beauty founders like Ivana Alawi, Vice Ganda, Nadine Lustre’s BYS collaborations, and more! It can be tough to break into the beauty business since it’s highly saturated; however, if you have a unique business idea that can cater to the local or global market, you can work on it!


5. Georgina Wilson- Sunnies brand


Love specs, makeup and cafes? Then look no further than the Filipino brand called Sunnies Studios, which launched in 2013 but has expanded to different brands, from Sunnies Cafe to Sunnies Face. They are founded by Eric Dee; Bea Soriano Dee; Martine Cajucom; Georgina Wilson, and Jessica Wilson. If you’re keen on having business partners to start a brand, then you let the success of Sunnies motivate you!


6. Marian Rivera- Flora Vida

Do you love flowers, or are you interested in floristry and want to open a flower shop or any flower-related business? Marian Rivera’s Flora Vida brand will make your mind bloom with business ideas! Flora Vida is an online flower shop specializing in preserved and dried flower arrangements. At the same time, the brand also has homewares that have kitchen, clothing, and room essentials. In a booming world of online selling and shopping, floral arrangements are also a go-to business for those who love blooms!

7. Maricar Reyes- Poon- Chocolate Dessert Business


For chocolate dessert connoisseurs who want to make their passion for baking or cooking a business, you can take inspiration from the mouth-watering Chocolate dessert business of Maricar Reyes- Poon! Having a food business that is delicious, affordable, and addictive is a foolproof answer to having a thriving business.


8. Neri Naig- Miranda- Food business and more


Another food business idea you can look into is the gourmet tuyo business of Neri Naig-Miranda, who owns ten businesses under her name. The actress-turned-entrepreneur is a proud owner of several businesses, from food products to salons.

She is currently studying for her master’s in business. As an OFW, you can take inspiration from Neri on how she’s handling multiple businesses with different varieties and offerings, at the same time, how her gourmet tuyo business became successful from being an everyday food to a delicious food staple. You can also be inspired to further your studies to learn business or any passion you want to explore.


9. Toni and Alex Gonzaga- Beverage business

Milk tea or any beverage business ideas in the Philippines are still thriving since its part of the daily essentials. Happy Cup founders Toni and Alex Gonzaga are proof that you can have a successful beverage business that people will love! If you love consuming a cup of joe or milk tea whether on the way to work or during downtime, here’s your chance to turn your likes into a business that will generate income!