Submitting Resumes and Job Hunting

It’s been my third week in Dubai and I’ve submitted over 100 resumes online already. I’ve been trying to look for a job so I can stay in this state of the United Arab Emirates longer. I’ve spent a lot of money already just to be here so ending up with no job and going back to the Philippines would be a big no-no.

During the first week of my stay here, I got a taste of Dubai by visiting malls and the common tourist destinations. It was a happy week. But I knew I needed to work on the the double to look for jobs from different companies.

online resumemy Inbox, flooded with auto-responses from job sites I applied to

I’ve been searching for positions related to Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Hospitality, Travel, or Administrative Tasks. With the number of CVs I submitted online and the number of forms from different job websites I’ve filled up, I’ve become so stressed out because I never had to do this much work just to land an interview. In fact, my girlfriend even had to search for these opportunities too!

I’m getting a little desperate and probably, I should be walking into shops and hand in my resumes to actual people rather than doing them online. I hope I can make it though. I can’t stand not getting a job. It would be a total failure for me and I’m going to be so depressed if I can’t build my career here in the land of the desert.

I guess this is the actual case in Dubai. You have to check all your resources in order to get those jobs. There are plenty of jobs after hearing that the economy is back to business, but somehow I haven’t had much luck just getting an interview. I’m going to keep trying.

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