Job Vacancies with Apple in UAE

Time to update those resumes, job seekers, because Apple has career openings in the UAE. That’s right, one of the most innovative and successful tech giants in the world is hiring here!

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For several decades now, Apple has brought us amazing technologies… Macs, iPods, iPads, and of course, the ubiquitous iPhone! Wouldn’t be amazing to work for this company?!

Job Vacancies with Apple in UAE

Apple is Hiring in the UAE

Based on listings posted on the company’s website, Apple is seeking to fill positions in sales, tech, business, operations, and management — to be based in Dubai and across the UAE.

The jobs include career opportunities with Apple’s retail and corporate sectors, as follows:

“Apple Retail” Jobs (to be based in various locations within UAE):

  • AE – Creative
  • AE – Genius
  • AE – Technical Specialist
  • AE – Market Leader
  • AE – Store Leader
  • AE – Manager
  • AE – Senior Manager

“Sales and Business Development” Jobs (to be based in various locations within UAE):

  • AE – Specialist
  • AE – Expert
  • AE – Operations Expert
  • AE – Business Expert

“Sales and Business Development” Jobs (to be based in Dubai):

  • Carrier Manager, UAE
  • Carrier B2B Account Executive, Dubai
  • Apple Certified Sales Trainer – Freelance, Dubai
  • Regional Account Executive, West Africa (Dubai based)
  • Regional Account Executive, North Africa (Dubai based)
  • Channel Programs Manager, Africa (Dubai based)

Job Vacancies with Apple in UAE

“Marketing” Jobs (to be based in Dubai):

  • Advertising Manager
  • Channel Programs Producer, Marcom
  • Channel Marcom Lead, Middle East

For more information about these openings, including specific job descriptions and qualifications, please visit the Apple UAE official website.

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So what are you waiting for? If you think you have what it takes to work for one of the world’s tech giants, then this could be your big break! Meanwhile, you might want to check out these other job opportunities in Dubai and across the UAE, too! Best of luck!

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