AED 100K Fine for Hiring Illegal Entrants in the UAE

“Be aware,” the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has announced on their social media pages. “Hiring or harboring illegal entrants shall incur a penalty of AED 100,000.”

The warning serves as a reminder to all UAE residents, now that the “Protect Yourself by Modifying Your Status” initiative or amnesty program has ended. For five months last year, visa violators had the chance to legalize their status or exit the country without paying any fines.

UAE Issues Warning Against Hiring Illegal Entrants

The UAE amnesty program was initially planned to run from August to October 2018. The government decided to extend the program for one month, and then eventually, until the end of December. This led to a five-month run that benefited thousands of overstaying residents.

By the end of October, around 7,500 Filipinos based in the UAE received amnesty, with many more joining the program until December 31. More than half of them had decided to stay in the country, with the hopes of finding new employment.

Notably, some companies in the UAE decided to help out amnesty seekers. One of these was Electrofos, a firm based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It opened 120 job openings — specifically for amnesty seekers — for their electromechanical, plumbing, and interior outfit projects.

Now that the amnesty period has ended, however, we can expect to see intensive campaigns, as the UAE authorities shall enforce tough penalties on those caught violating residency laws.

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Although the UAE government offers amnesty from time to time, we shouldn’t take advantage of these programs. Rather, we should always be aware of the rules on residency. This way, we can avoid problems and legal issues as we carry out our jobs in Dubai and the UAE.