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News and updates on what’s happening in Dubai. Announcements and important information about the emirate that the residents should be aware of. Here we share current events and advisories, as well as trends for your reference.

Catch Free Live Performances at Dubai Metro Stations this March

One of the best things about community events is that most of the time they’re free of charge. Whether it’s part of a promotional campaign or a community-sponsored event, there’s no doubt that these types of events can definitely attract crowds. And where else do you find large crowds other than public transportation facilities? The… Read more

[WATCH] UAE Residents Can Fly this Electric Aircraft Starting October 2019

We’ve all heard about Dubai’s flying taxis and Sky Pods, but wait — there’s more! A new type of electric aircraft is coming soon to the UAE… and it’s called “Alpha Electro.” Cool! ALSO READ: 10 Futuristic Inventions at GITEX Technology Week Starting this October, any resident of the UAE can lease and fly the new aircraft — as… Read more

Biggest Filipino Training Centre Opens in Dubai

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Dubai now have greater opportunity to upgrade their skills, as the biggest Pinoy training centre in the UAE just opened in the emirate last week! ALSO READ: Most “In Demand” Courses & Majors in the UAE The Pinoy Overseas Workers Education and Reintegration (POWER) Technical Centre offers training courses for Filipinos across the… Read more

[WATCH] Injured Arab Man Airlifted to Hospital Following Motorcycle Crash

Recently, the UAE government through its various emirates has released a series of safety advisories especially that the holy month of Ramadan is almost upon us once again. However, even with these reminders and new systems set up in place to ensure safety and protection of both motorists and pedestrians, there are still cases that… Read more

Dubai Looks to Capitalize on Modern-Day Camping Trend

Summer is fast approaching and beaches will become hotter with swarms of people and families, but for people here in the UAE, it’s either there are other summer activities to choose from such as hiking in the mountains, going on a cozy staycation, and then there’s “glamping” or glamorous camping in the desert. And while… Read more

Transiting Passengers in UAE can Avail Mobile Plan for Only AED 50

Travelling is only half the fun without your loved ones along with you. But most of the time, when travelling is only necessary for work or business purposes, or even short-term visits, there’s consolation in the thought that we can always connect with family and friends through today’s technology. But the more important question is… Read more

Traffic Fines to be Slashed by Half in this Emirate on One Condition

Drivers and motorists in the UAE understand how the government is serious in upholding the law when it comes to road and safety matters. For others, this is the reason why they accumulate fines over time, which could be quite heavy to settle in one go. The good thing is that the UAE government, as… Read more

Foreign Maid Who Took Care of Abandoned Toddlers in Ajman Rewarded

They say kindness is something you give away that you’ll always get back. And while it’s quite surprising to hear stories of kind-hearted people looking after others who are not related to them, or even their employers, there still are people like this in various parts of the world. And true to the values of… Read more

UAE Presidential Palace Set to Accommodate the Public Soon

Aside from its rich cultural and religious heritage, the UAE also has very colourful political traditions and values, which can be appreciated better through a visit at the country’s presidential palace. And while we know that the UAE is home to a number of religious hotspots and locations which attract both foreigners and Arab nationals… Read more

UAE Celebrates Mother of Nation Festival by Hosting Fireworks Competition in Abu Dhabi

The UAE is a proud country which remains deeply grounded to its roots. This just shows how unified they are as a nation in terms of public observance to important events which helped shape the cultural identity of the UAE of today. Whether this is to celebrate the spirit of tolerance, or pay tribute to… Read more

Abu Dhabi Police Issues Road Safety Advisory During Unstable Weather Conditions

Driving in the UAE is quite different from other areas in the world because weather status can complicate terrain conditions here, making it more difficult for drivers to navigate the road, and ending up in accidents for some, unfortunately. This being the case, authorities have been on the lookout for any weather changes expected to… Read more

New Abu Dhabi Radars to Detect Jaywalkers in the City

If you aren’t aware yet about just how serious traffic and road violations are in the UAE, you’d be surprised to find out that the government has come up with new technologies to help curtail the incidence of violations and accidents in the country. For its part, the Abu Dhabi government has been on its… Read more

Visit 2 New Museums in Dubai for Just AED 15

Among the many places to visit in Dubai are heritage sites and museums. If you like learning about the emirate’s history and culture, then you’d be happy to hear that two new museums have just opened in the Shindagha area… House of Perfumes and Dubai Creek House! ALSO READ: Dubai’s Museum of the Future Takes Shape These two museums are… Read more

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