Best Work-friendly Cafes and Co-working Spaces in UAE

Are you a digital nomad in the UAE looking for coworking spaces to be your new office? How about you’re working in Dubai on a hybrid setup and can’t seem to focus on working in your home and want to have a change in scenery? Here are the top work-friendly cafes and coworking spaces you should go to whenever you feel a creative rut or remote working doesn’t do the trick to beating procrastination and improving your productivity levels at work.


1. The Lighthouse

When you’re feeling unmotivated at work, the last thing you want to do is sit in a dark, unpleasant office. The Lighthouse is a multi-purpose space that serves as a cafe, a concept shop, and a potential new office. Guests at this popular restaurant, which is located in Dubai’s hip Design District, can always count on being treated to a new and exciting culinary experience. When HH Sheik Hamdan paid a visit to The Lighthouse, he gave his royal approval!  Choose a table indoors or out, depending on the weather. Both of these alternatives are refreshing, stimulating, and helpful in getting work done. 

2. Friends Avenue Cafe

Friends Avenue Cafe in Dubai is the perfect coworking space or cafe if you’re looking for a bright, friendly, and good environment. In addition to serving one of the world’s best croissants, this restaurant offers an enticing menu that fuses traditional English fare with dishes from Europe and Australia. It is not an exaggeration to say that Friends Avenue is Dubai’s best place to work, dine, unwind, and repeat.

The presence of food and coffee boosts the allure. The café’s atmosphere has been masterfully crafted thanks to the careful curation of its interior design and menu cards. No matter where you are, it will make you long for home. Friends Avenue is a great place to work because its residents maintain a carefree attitude that encourages interaction among coworkers even as they go about their day.

3. Spill the Bean

Spill The Bean is a well-known café in Dubai, and for a good reason, it even has a desk or table set up and ready to go for you as you enter. Working at Spill The Beans means you can do your part for the future by serving only environmentally friendly cuisine to their guests. This restaurant’s policy is to not harm any animals in the process of preparing any of the food that they offer.

This establishment’s spacious outside seating area ensures you’ll get enough vitamin D to brighten you up on unproductive days. The pleasant service and relaxed ambiance allow you to focus on your job without interruption.

4. Nook

You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Nook; it’s another excellent coworking place. Nook was founded by business partners Ravi Bhusari and Derv Rao to serve as a resource for businesses in the fields of sports, fitness, and wellness. They provide commercial licenses and office space in a collaborative setting.

Studios and training grounds are explicitly designed for the purpose, complete with locker rooms and showers: consistent gatherings, seminars, and classes for locals. Additionally, a DMCC business license is included in all coworking plans.

5. Astrolabs

In Jumeirah Lake Towers, you’ll find Astrolabs, a tech-friendly coworking space where its modern vibe and ‘Make It Happen’ sign on the wall inspire tech startups to get to work. The ties with IBM and Google for Entrepreneurs are a huge lure, as are the eateries within a minute’s walk. People here care about each other and celebrate each other’s achievements.

A coding cave, a gadget lab, and reservable meeting rooms are just some of this space’s amenities for the digital startup community. It’s open 24 hours and located in Al Waleed Paradise JLT Cluster R, making it a perfect go-to when you’re working overtime or rushing a deadline!


If you’re interested in joining a community of remote workers or digital nomads, Nasab is a good option. A private, upscale community in Dubai for the city’s most innovative “think leaders and game-changers.” The club’s sophisticated design will make you feel right at home if your house also boasts a photography studio, a fitness center, two swimming pools, private offices, a library, and three restaurants and bars. Candidates need to demonstrate their degree of interest in order to be considered.

The club boasts countless amenities and a beautiful atmosphere, but its members also benefit from frequent activities, workshops, and conversations that foster teamwork and open dialogue. Facilities include two beautiful pools, a paddle tennis court, and food and beverage outlets.

7. Boston Lane

A tiny nook in Dubai for freelancers and diehard office goers to work in peace, Boston Lane was heavily inspired by Melbourne’s laneway coffee and lunch culture. This coffee establishment, located in Al Quoz’s bustling arts and fashion sector, exudes a laid-back atmosphere.

Boston Lane stands out thanks to its tasteful decor and the abundance of greenery provided by The Courtyard. This coffee shop appears to be particularly appealing on winter days, when patrons may sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

8. Tania’s Teahouse Flagship

Tania’s Teahouse can satisfy your hunger during and after a long day of work. This flagship café in Dubai is undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing hotspot, with a focus on providing excellent cuisine and individualized service to each of its customers in the lovely neighborhood of Umm Suqeim.

In addition to its delicious selection of specialty drinks, coffees, and food, this two-story cafe provides a stunning panorama of Jumeirah Beach. Tania’s Teahouse is the ideal venue to inspire your creative side even while you work, thanks to its pastel-colored walls, exquisite interiors, and subtle styling.

For fur parents, you don’t have to worry about leaving your furbabies at home since you can take them with you to Tania’s Teahouse, where they will be treated to the same kind of hospitality extended to you. They are located at 779A Jumeirah Beach Road, Between Al Thanya Street and Al Manara Street, Next to Villa Beirut and EPPCO Petrol Station, Umm Suqeim 2, in Dubai.