8 Binge-Worthy Interior Design Shows to Inspire Your Dream Home

Building your dream home has always been the ultimate dream for many OFWs abroad; living in the UAE can be different for everyone. Others want to enjoy the country being a home away from home by enjoying countless staycations and travel goals.

While others know that they have a time limit or plan to go back to the Philippines or their home country and make sure their hard-earned money and energy didn’t go to waste! If you’re a fan of the online community Home Buddies or shopping interior pieces whenever there’s a sale, you should consider watching these top interior design shows on Netflix to inspire you continuously!

1. Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr

Suppose you’re a fan of competitive reality shows about interiors. In that case, you should consider watching the Interior Design Masters since it’s binge-worthy, but you’ll find yourself rooting for the contestants and learning about interior design along the way! You can find inspiration for your dream home in this show. This reality competition show is light-hearted and fun to watch after a long day of hard work.

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr is a British reality competition television series with series three currently airing on BBC One in eight parts and series four already commissioned for 2023. Rest assured, you can watch more of this addicting British interior design series!

2. The Big Flower Fight

Another reality competition series that should be on your list is The Big Flower Fight. For those who are plantitas or flower enthusiasts, you’ll love the thrill of watching florists from all walks of life create floral masterpieces.

For those who want to have a Scandinavian or Modern style but with greenery to bring jazz to the interior and exterior of a home, then watching The Big Flower Fight will teach you a thing or two about taking care of flowers and plants! The Big Flower Fight is a British competition show for floral arranging, similar to the Great British Bake Off and the Great British Sewing Bee.


3. Amazing Interiors


Suppose you’re looking for something feel-good yet pleasing to watch that will inspire your home to show off your personality and vibe. In that case, you should watch the show, Amazing Interiors since it will make you realize how true the adage is, not to judge a book by its cover since what is inside really matters. You’ll be flabbergasted by each featured home’s out-of-this-world and unpredictable interior designs! 

The American reality shows Amazing Interiors is available on Netflix and showcases the odd design of a variety of different houses. The first 12 episodes of the show’s first season were made available on Netflix on July 20, 2018.


4. The Minimalists: Less Is Now


If you see online, most of the interior design that catches people’s attention nowadays is minimalism since it looks clean and fresh, and has the vibe that you want to invest your energy and space to what really matters the most, perhaps relationships at home, traveling, and more! If you want to learn more about minimalism and implement its principles in your future home, you should give this show a go!

Matt D’Avella is the man behind the camera for The Minimalists: Less Is Now, a 2021 Netflix documentary he produced in the United States. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, better known as The Minimalists, are the hosts of this show. They demonstrate the advantages of a simple or minimalist lifestyle.


5. Tiny House Nation

Are you fascinated by Tiny Houses? How such a tiny home can be so creative in terms of interior and exterior and how these types of homes manage to do everything for a family or a person. If you want to see more of Tiny Houses and get inspiration for future references, you should tune in to this show! 

It’s also heartwarming and highly educational to watch since This series is a celebration of the “small house” movement, which has attracted many people who are interested in financial independence, a simpler lifestyle, and reducing their environmental imprint by downsizing to homes of 300 square feet or less.

John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, both experienced renovators, host a road trip across the United States to showcase a variety of inventive tiny houses and their resourceful owners. They also aid families in creating their micro-houses from scratch.


6. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Do you remember the trending question? Does it spark joy that sparked many memes or existential crises online, or perhaps a newfound interest in the organization and interior design? Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is a fun show to watch if you’re interested in a minimalist lifestyle or perhaps planning to declutter or work on your dream home! 

A Netflix original, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, premiered on the streaming service on January 1, 2019. The show follows Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and founder of the KonMari method, as she visits families to help them organize and tidy their homes.


7. The World Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

This show is all about traveling, the interior design of staycations or vacation rentals, and being on a budget, three critical components for any person. Three travelers tour vacation rentals worldwide and provide helpful advice for those looking to travel on a budget to give you the gist of what the show is about.

If you’re planning to travel or build an Airbnb business someday while your dream home is still underway, you should watch this show! You’ll feast your eyes with picturesque views of the Bahamas, Norway, Japan, Indonesia, and more! 


8. Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset is a reality show that will give you an idea of what beautiful luxurious houses look like and the dynamics between real estate agents. You might get an idea or two for a modern interior and exterior design.

Adam DiVello came up with the idea for the American reality show Selling Sunset, which airs on Netflix. The show centers on the life of a group of real estate agents at the prestigious Oppenheim Group in the Los Angeles area.