Travel Bucket List for Those Who Are Visiting UAE Again

Are you coming back to the UAE for business or pleasure? You may still be having your revenge travel and want to explore many places in the UAE you haven’t been to before. If you fell in love with this diverse yet highly modernized country the first time you came here, you can always expect something new on your next visit.

Huge fans of the reality show Dubai Bling will see familiar places, and if it has tempted you to fly to Dubai to have a taste of luxury, we can’t blame you for it! Either way, locations in the show are a must-visit, and if you’re looking for other new places to visit while you’re in town, then you’re in the right place; here are the top spots you should see when you’re in the UAE again!

1. Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Bookworms all around the world now have a reason to fly to Dubai. Last June 2022, the highly anticipated Mohammed Bin Rashid Library opened to the public. True to Dubai’s uniqueness and innovation, it houses over 1.1 million digital and print books. The architecture is shaped in a book form and has a 54,000-square-meter facility.  

The best part is the Mohammed Bin Rashid library advocates Arabic culture and literature in the Middle East. Whether you’re a fan of Arabic movies or series or learning Arabic, you can now learn more in this ultra-stylish yet highly informative library in the city of Gold!


 2. Expo City

If you’ve been to the memorable Dubai Expo 2020, where Dubai provided a stage for 191 countries. Its purpose is to showcase its sustainable, opportunity-filled, and mobile innovations in the form of pavilions, activities, attractions, and mind-blowing experiences to the world. 

Expo 2020 in Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and learn about cultures worldwide in one location. If you haven’t joined the momentous event, you can visit Expo City Dubai. This futuristic city is the legacy of Dubai’s Expo 2020, where there are children’s playgrounds, projection shows, water features, and more!


3. Atlantis The Royal

Ah yes, the highly anticipated Atlantis The Royal in Dubai has made a grand entrance with a stunning performance of Beyonce, welcoming well-known influencers like Kendall Jenner and Loujain Adada. If you’re looking for an ultra-luxurious hotel for staycation while in the city, then you should take advantage of this newly opened 5-star luxury hotel.

The arrival of Atlantis The Royal Dubai in the City of Gold will mark the beginning of a new era of “ultra-luxury” hotel accommodations. It features 795 guest rooms, 17 dining options, and breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and Palm Island. Starting on February 10, you can reserve your stay in one of Atlantis The Royal’s luxurious rooms, suites, or penthouses.


4. Starbucks in Al Seef

Yes, you’ve probably seen the bedouin-inspired architectural design of the Starbucks in Al Seef. Its highly instagrammable Arabic-inspired design will make architecture or interior design students around the world squeal with delight! You can chill in this aesthetically pleasing Starbucks branch whenever you find yourself parched after visiting tourist attractions on Al Seef street, like the Dubai Museum or the Gold Souk.

5. Myriam K Paris- Dubai

Are you on the hunt for the best UAE salons while in town? Then you should check out Myriam K Paris in City Walk! A newly opened Paris-based beauty company opened its branch in Dubai in 2022 with a whopping 200 sqm hair salon. 

The salon is highly instagrammable with its bold shades of hot pink and green, along with its amenities of a mini gallery showcasing Myriam Keramane’s NFT collection, XL client treatment stations, an enclosed VIP suite, a beverage bar, and a space where customers can shop Myriam K’s best-selling hair care products!

Why don’t you leave your hair in good hands if you need a French-inspired hairstyle or a luxurious haircare while in the UAE? Since Dubai’s harsh weather or water quality can make your hair dry, heading to a hair salon to pamper yourself during your vacation sounds like a good idea!

6. Ossiano

Fancy having dinner in an underwater restaurant at the Atlantis, The Palm with your loved one or a blind date? You might remember Ossiano from an episode in Dubai Bling where LJ Adada and Ebraheem Al Samadi had their blind date. Suppose you’re looking for a place to impress your date or enjoy an immersive experience with marine life. 

In that case, this is the perfect place to go since it has a stunning interior of an aquarium that will make your meal memorable. Aside from seeing stingrays, fish, and sharks, the best part of this restaurant is chef Grégoire Berger’s ocean-themed MICHELIN standard seafood menu. 

7. Saya Cafe

If you’ve been browsing for TikTok’s famous UAE cafes to visit, then you’ve probably seen Saya Brasserie on your feed. It’s a lovely cafe exploding with bright colors of pinks, flowers, and interior decor, a sight for sore eyes. Aside from its gorgeous ambiance, it also has mouthwatering food, from cakes to tortillas and more! It has many branches throughout Dubai, from City Walk to The Pointe. Whenever you’re in the mood for a cafe catch-up with friends or have a lovely dinner by yourself, Saya Cafe is the best place to unwind and enjoy good food.

8. CÉ LA VI Dubai 

What is a trip to the UAE without experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience of having the infamous Burj Al Khalifa as your view? not only one, but you get to see the performances of the Dubai Fountains and see the busy streets of Downtown Dubai below ( that’s a lot of entertainment while you indulge yourself!). Visit this award-winning Michelin-approved restaurant. CÉ LA VI Dubai has scrumptious meals and a great ambiance that visitors will not forget. 

9. OPA Dubai

No, Opa Dubai is not the kind you’ve seen in K-dramas; Opa Dubai is a traditional Greek restaurant that will give you a major Mediterranean vibe while you dine. 

If you’ve been scrolling again on TikTok, you probably have seen this restaurant in countless gatherings and events such as weddings, while the guests sing their hearts out to Mama Mia songs, dance Zorba dance, and smash plates for entertainment; sounds fun? Definitely! Since Opa Dubai will satisfy your cravings for Greek food and make you want to get up and have fun! Making your UAE trip more memorable than your last, you might have a lot of fun during your stay that you’ll consider moving to the country!