7 Entrepreneurship Lessons from Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling is an addictive reality show about the lives of successful entrepreneurs and personalities in the city. If you’re an OFW in Dubai and looking for a binge-worthy show to inspire you to reach your potential to be like other Filipino entrepreneurs like Lalaine- Chu Benitez or Gabriel John Rimando, then you should watch this show!

Yes, Dubai is the land of opportunities; whether you’re looking for love or money, there’s no doubt you can try your luck in the city and see where life takes you. If you’re in the city with dreams of being an entrepreneur and be the next big thing in Dubai, you can watch the show to get the gist of the behind-the-scenes of the self-made millionaires in the emirate. Here are the top entrepreneurship lessons you can learn from the show!

1. Success requires hard work

Of course, all the cast of Dubai Bling, from Zeina Khoury to DJ Bliss, has to grind, which is why now they are having their cake. Success doesn’t come easily and often; life will test your skills, endurance, and patience in general, but if you believe in your dreams and yourself, your hard work will pay off.

Its never easy to climb the corporate ladder or run a startup business when there are plenty of doubters like when Zeina first came to Dubai, an employer didn’t think that she could make a sale, yet years later, she is now a successful CEO and is called the queen of Versace.

2. Choose your friends wisely

Dubai Bling is just like any reality show; you will see drama and friendships getting torn and mended. In real life, especially as an aspiring entrepreneur, its important to choose your friends wisely, one that can bring you up and not tear you down. At the same time, the adage keeps your friends close, but your enemies closer are also applicable since you can use that to your advantage in business.

Having genuine friends will help you stay grounded, be motivated, and have a reality check when your life gets messy, whether in terms of family or business. You can always rely on your friends to spread the word about your business and support you. Knowing the right people and having connections also help when you’re in the industry. Dubai may be glamorous, but it’s a small world, and you must test the waters and have connections to get your foot in the door. In Dubai Bling, Ebraheem, the founder of Forever Rose, are friends with most of the Dubai Bling cast, which is interconnected.

3. Be unapologetically you

In the show, you’ll see the cast of Dubai Bling are not just entrepreneurs but being themselves. All of them are smart, opinionated, strong, and vulnerable. You get to see the side of these successful entrepreneurs you’ve never seen before. You’ll realize there’s nothing wrong with knowing who you are, what you like, and what you don’t.

Successful people believe in themselves and know their values and priorities. They are confident and independent but also know when it’s okay to let their guards down and embrace being a human. Because running a business and navigating life does have its pressures and can be a rollercoaster ride. Safa Siddiqui knows who she is and is not afraid to speak up amidst traditional pressures on women wanting to have a career in fashion, make a name for themselves, and not let the married to a rich guy trope shackle her potential.

4. People will envy you

This is true if you’re already at the top of your business goals or career many people will envy you, and these successful individuals are no strangers to envious people who are plotting their downfalls.

This is why its important to be surrounded by people you trust who will support you every step. Envious people will do everything to destroy your business, life, and happiness. Protecting what you have built and being wiser with your decisions are essential.

5. It’s okay to enjoy your success

There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself after working hard. You must also treat yourself. In the show, you’ll see plenty of places worth exploring, from cafes and wellness retreats to tourist attractions. You’ll also see plenty of fashion-forward scenes in the show, so you’ll definitely indulge yourself while watching!

Whether you admit it or not, you don’t have to slave yourself to work or business; carve some time to stop and enjoy the roses, treat yourself on your day off to a spa or buy that bag you’ve always wanted. Yes, OFWs tend to be ultra-selfless, prioritizing others above their needs but remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. It’s also a way of practicing self-love, which most of the cast of Dubai Bling are a fan of! After all, you’re in Dubai, so why don’t you take advantage of the fact to feel luxurious while working your way to the top?

6. Staying grounded is important

It’s okay to be ambitious but staying grounded is much more critical; sometimes, when people get successful, they can be arrogant or way into their heads. For Lojain Omran, being grounded enough to teach her brothers the importance of hard work and earning money sets her apart from the other cast.

She knows the importance of being humble since, as a woman in the media industry, she knows theirs an expiry, and working silently and focusing on her goals matters to her the most. She values genuine friendships, work, and family, which makes her stay grounded amidst being one of the most successful Saudi Arabian media personalities in Dubai.

7. Learning new things is a must

If there’s one thing the show will teach you is learning never stops, and the show’s cast is innovative and open to learning new things despite their success. They are collaborative and willing to try new things like Lj Adada she’s interested in crypto or bitcoin, while Loujane Omran she’s keen on trying acting to add to her skills.

At the same time, for Safa, she’s keen on working on her clothing line to make her dreams come true, shifting from real estate to fashion. If you love to learn, the good news is that there are plenty of Dubai-based training centres you can enroll in and learn a thing or two that can motivate you to start your own business!