Top 10 Dubai-based Beauty Brands

Are you in town to enjoy the many places to explore in Dubai, eat in floral and garden cafes, or enjoy shopping but unsure what Dubai-based beauty brands to buy and incorporate into your skincare routine? Don’t worry, here are our top Dubai-based beauty brands you should splurge on the next time you’re in the city, whether for business or pleasure!

1. Lash Dubai

Simply put, Lash Dubai is your one-stop shop for eyelash extensions. It was founded in 2014 by two lash enthusiasts, and it has since grown to become a leading Middle Eastern false-lash provider. A wide range of options is available, from full sets to individual lashes and from bold and dramatic to soft and subtle. The mink hair, silk, synthetic fibers, and human hair used are all of the highest quality, and no animals were harmed in making these products. Lash Dubai is also a charitable company, having donated to a Syrian orphanage among other worthwhile causes.

2. By Noussou

Sarah Al Musili saw an opportunity to create vegan, cruelty-free, nourishing skincare without drying, harsh side-effects after suffering from severe acne as a teenager and trying every product and medical prescription available. She collaborated with experts in the field and conducted rigorous tests to learn how to develop additive-free skincare that effectively combats breakouts and acne while restoring the skin’s natural glow. There is an activated charcoal and matcha mask, a chickpea, turmeric, and cinnamon cleanser, and a calming rosewater, aloe vera, and witch hazel toner, all of which contain natural ingredients known for their beauty-enhancing abilities.

3. Peacefull

Salama has amassed over a million Instagram followers thanks to the entertaining content she shares with her husband Khalid Al Ameri. Salama, on a quest to find effective skincare, has taken to social media to discuss her own skin problems and the solutions she has found. Therefore, Peacefull was created as a domestic beauty brand, and it is thriving. With the release of their newest products, Peacefull reveals what sets them apart and how Salama maintains inner calm.

Peacefull is as welcoming to all people as its namesake region, and it strives to be a symbol for and a haven for those of all backgrounds and beliefs. This is more than the introduction of a new product; it’s the beginning of a revolution that will put skin care on everyone’s radar.

4. Odist

Unique among brush lines, the Odist is cruelty-free and highly recommended. When it debuts in 2020, the brand will have an array of unusual products ready to carve out a specific segment of the market. In the Middle East, this minimalist beauty brand is quite well-known thanks to its three unique brush varieties and its founder’s deep connection to nature. These high-end makeup brushes have a minimalist design and are both effective and animal-friendly.

5. Shiffa

Dr. Lamees created the organic skincare line Shiffa, which uses cutting-edge science and only the purest, most effective natural ingredients. Each product is a potent combination of active ingredients in therapeutic concentrations, formulated with a focus on the science of healing to restore the skin from the inside out. These organic remedies soothe and improve the skin’s health for a wide range of skin care issues, from acne to large pores.

6. Hindash Cosmetics

Mohammed Hindash, who has amassed millions of subscribers on YouTube and Instagram thanks to his makeup tutorials, debuted his own cosmetics line at the beginning of this year. A Beautopsy pressed pigment palette and a Burj Khalifa-projected ad campaign were integral to the success of the debut of Hindash Cosmetics. The Jordanian makeup artist who now resides in Dubai says that Beautopsy, which is shaped like an artist’s palette, makes it easier for anyone to achieve a professional look. 

7. Huda Beauty

 Huda Beauty, which began as a blog in Dubai in 2010, has grown into one of the most successful cosmetics companies in the world. One of the world’s most rapidly expanding companies, it was launched by Huda Kattan, and new developments are always in the works. Everything from eye-shadow palettes to dewy highlighters launched in Dubai and quickly became international best-sellers.

As a result of successfully filling a need in the cosmetics market, the company has amassed a large and dedicated fan base that includes many famous people. It’s fascinating to see how the Dubai-based brand has expanded into fields other than cosmetics as it gains a foothold in the market.

8. Kayali

In 2018, the Kattan sisters, who run the cosmetics company Huda Beauty, released a new fragrance called Kayali. In collaboration with the prestigious French perfume house Firmenich, they have developed a quartet of exquisite fragrances, from the light and floral ‘CITRUS | 08’ to the rich and alluring ‘ELIXIR | 11’. They take their cue from the Middle Eastern practice of layering fragrances, so you can wear one on its own or combine it 

9. Shirley Conlon Organics 

Shirley Conlon, a native of Ireland who grew up on a diet consisting primarily of home-cooked, organic foods, developed her own line of natural cosmetics. She moved to Dubai after completing her cosmetology studies in London and was shocked by the prevalence of skin problems there. This prompted her to ask herself, “Why not create clean, pure, and effective products that won’t stress out skin?” From serums and cleansers to masks, you can find everything you need to take care of your skin from the inside out, all of which are free of chemical nasties and packed with powerful botanical extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils.

10. Izil Beauty

After moving to Dubai in 2005, Mouna Abassy struggled to find beauty products that were simple, pure, and natural like those she used to use in Morocco – and that’s how Izil was born. Inspired by nature and created using the traditional recipes passed on by her mother and grandmother, each product is rich in all-natural goodness (think: argan oil, saffron, and rosewater galore) and shuns synthetic colors, preservatives, and parabens. There’s everything from at-home hammam soaps and body masks to nourishing hair oils, green-tea face scrubs, and rich sandalwood body lotions to pamper you from top to toe.