Top 6 Luxury Items your Can Buy in Dubai

If you’re wondering what luxury items you should invest in or buy for yourself as a reward, then there’s no shortage of options in the city of Gold! Dubai is one of the prime cities to go shopping and indulge yourself. Contrary to popular thought, Dubai is a great place to get good deals. In addition to its glitzy shopping complexes and high-end labels, Dubai also has a wealth of excellent budget-friendly shopping options.

Not only can you feast your eyes on beautiful architectural sites and immerse in the diverse culture of the country, but you can also shop till you drop into the numerous shopping centres and malls the city has. Here are the top luxury items to purchase in Dubai.

1. Gadgets

If you’re on the hunt for good deals while you’re in the city, then go to Dubai from November to December since it’s UAE National day, Dubai shopping festival, GITEX, white Fridays or yellow Wednesday deals. If you want to shop regardless of the price, you can check out these outlets.

  • Sharaf DG
  • EMax
  • Jacky’s
  • ECity
  • Jumbo
  • Virgin Megastore

Whether you need a new laptop as a digital nomad freelancer or are planning to gift your loved ones with a new phone, shopping in Dubai for the best gadgets from iPhones to speakers, rest assured you’ll see the latest device in store. Techy people will find their trip to Dubai pleasant since they’ll see cool gadgets in the city for a reasonable price.

2. Gold or jewellery

If you want to bring home a Dubai bling from your trip, pun intended, literally jewellery to add to your collection. Whether the cast of the show Dubai bling has influenced you to check out the trendy or fashionable jewellery in store, you don’t have to worry since, aside from the many places to explore in Dubai, you can also head over to its iconic Gold souk.

Here are the best jewellery stores to visit in Dubai:

  • Ratan Sajan Diamonds DMCC
  • Damas Jewelry
  • Mint Jewels
  • Kanz Jewels
  • Malabar Gold and Diamonds
  • Joyalukkas Jewelry
  • Kuber Jewellers

3. Luxury Bags

Bags are essential for daily living; whether it’s a handbag or shoulder bag, you can always rely on a beautiful bag that stores your belongings in style. In Dubai, you don’t have to worry about finding the best high-end bag in store for an investment or personal use.

Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton bag or Gucci, the prices in Dubai are much more reasonable compared to other cities like New York or Paris. If you’re unaware of the Singapore-based Filipina teen who got viral on Tiktok after sharing her happy experience of receiving her first ever “luxury handbag” as a gift from her Father.

It was a Charles & Keith and was seen unboxing a black double-handle tote bag. The infamous bag is priced at S$79.90 on its website. Luxury doesn’t have to be based on a price tag, and if you want to indulge yourself in a beautiful handbag from Charles & Keith, you can definitely do so in Dubai without judgment!

Here are the top places to buy luxury bags in Dubai:

  • Luxury Maison
  • The Luxury Closet
  • Gucci Bloomingdale’s
  • Revogue
  • Dubai Mall

4. Appliances or furniture

If you ever want to own beautifully Emirati or Arabic -inspired furniture, such as a bed frame or coffee table, then shopping in Dubai is the best course of action. While for furniture, you can always have high quality and the best appliances in store, from washing machines to television sets, numerous stores are available in the city, from Carrefour to IKEA.

The best place to buy gorgeous designs of Persian rugs is also in Dubai. You can elevate the design of your home instantly with a Middle Eastern-designed rug. If you have fallen in love with the numerous unique architectural and stunning interior designs Dubai has, then you’ll probably love the varieties of designs of furniture available in the city.

Best places to buy appliances in Dubai:

  • Dubai Mall
  • Carrefour
  • Sharaf DG
  •  Lulu Hypermarkets
  • Mall of the Emirates

5. Luxury perfumes or cosmetics

Buying the best cosmetics and luxury perfumes makes sense if you ever come to pamper yourself at wellness retreats and hair salons in Dubai. You can find numerous high-end beauty products in the city, from the newly opened Myriam K Paris in City Walk to Sephora in Dubai Mall. There’s a reason why Dubai is the home to one of its homegrown beauty brands, Huda Beauty and Peacefull since it’s becoming a powerhouse in the beauty industry, so whether you’re on the hunt for fragrances or lipsticks, you can find them in Dubai.

Best places to buy beauty products in Dubai:

If there are designer bags, then there are definitely designer clothes from Chanel to Dior; Dubai has all of them in store. You can shop for the latest winter clothes or très chic summer dresses anytime or anywhere you want. In numerous malls in Dubai you can see numerous designer labels ready for you to explore, from Victoria’s Secret to Prada.

You’ll definitely not go home saying nada. If you’re in the city during the winter season, don’t miss out on the Dubai Shopping Festival. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) takes place during the months of December and February and is the most fantastic time to save money on name brands. Throughout its more than 3,000 stores, DSF often provides deep discounts of up to 90%. If that’s not enough to entice you to book a flight to Dubai and shop during the holidays.

You can enjoy shopping for luxurious items for a reasonable price. If you’re an OFW on the lookout for the latest designer clothes in store, then this is the best time to buy one. Everywhere you look in Dubai, people have various fashion statements making the city the best place to buy designer clothes that will be the talk of the town. If you’re a big fan of Heart Evangelista, you can check her social media to see the latest luxury fashion must-have since you can finally have it for yourself in Dubai.