Breitling Jet Plane in Dubai Mall

Breitling (luxury watch brand) held an exhibit at the Grand Atrium area of The Dubai Mall with a jet plane . It’s been awhile since I last visited this shopping complex and I was surprised to see this display while passing by this side that I had to take some photos.

breitling plane dubai

Breitling exhibit in The Dubai Mall

Only in Dubai: Jet Plane inside a Mall

Only in Dubai… a jet plane inside a mall. Having been based in Dubai for the last 2 years, I still find Dubai as a city very interesting. So many developments, always setting trends and showcasing luxury.

breitling dubai mallBreitling watch

They are currently in the mall and you can experience a flight simulator when you drop by this exhibit area. So if you’re currently visiting the mall, why don’t you try to check it out?

dubai jet mall shoppingBreitling jet in Dubai

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