7 Reasons Why You Should Be a Digital Nomad Freelancer in Dubai

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the digital nomad lifestyle finally has the recognition it deserves. Freelancers seem to be like a unicorn in a corporate 9-5 world, but now everything has changed; numerous countries are offering digital nomad visas or freelancer visas for remote workers looking for a new workplace; one of them is UAE. However, if you’re still unsure about why you should be a digital nomad in the bustling city of Dubai, let us convince you why Dubai should be on your list!

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1. The UAE offers UAE freelancer visa

Yes, one of the reasons you should consider Dubai as your office is that UAE offers a renewable freelancer visa that allows the holder to stay in the UAE for up to three years and work legally. A freelancer also requires a work permit to become a full-fledged freelancer, and only specific UAE licensing bodies, mainly those in free zones, are authorized to grant such a work permit.

Suppose you had visited Dubai before and wanted to seek new opportunities without the need to secure a working visa and work for a corporate job. In that case, you can get a UAE freelancer visa.

2. UAE is safe for women

Being a digital nomad means ensuring your safety and well-being while working in a new city or anywhere in the world. If you’re wondering whether Dubai is a safe place to stay and work for women, here’s some good news!

The ruler of Dubai made a statement in a tweet from November of 2021 that the United Arab Emirates had once again been named the safest place in the world. Gallup’s 2021 Global Law and Order study found that 95 percent of the country’s people felt comfortable traveling alone at night. In this particular ranking, the United Arab Emirates came in first.

In the tweet, he stated, “Residents can safely walk alone at night. Safety is a blessing, and security means calmness and a happy life. If you are told that a woman can walk alone, at day or at late hours at night with no fear, you should know that she is in the UAE.” 

In Dubai, you don’t have to worry about your safety as a woman; however, it’s essential to stay alert whether you’re in the city or any part of the world since anyone can be a target of a crime regardless of gender.

3. There are plenty of career opportunities

Plenty of expats are moving and working in the city due to abundant work and career opportunities. Dubai has plenty of in-demand jobs for digital nomads, from tech to marketing. In Dubai, you’ll feel like the world is your oyster in the city. You don’t have to worry if you’re not fluent in Arabic, but it never hurts if you do since the UAE is one of the middle eastern countries where English is the language majority spoken, and it’s diverse, so you can find a job that will suit you!

4. A part of a multicultural and diverse city

If you want to immerse yourself in the Middle Eastern culture, then Dubai should be right up your alley! Dubai is once a small fishing town that has now grown into a powerhouse, home to numerous expats around the world; it’s diverse since, according to the world population review, just 15% of the population is actually local or Emirati; the remaining 85% are all foreign worker or expats. 

Asians make up the vast majority of the expat community (51% of the total population) and are concentrated in the country of India (84%). While for Filipinos, There are 679,819 Filipinos living in the UAE, with 450,000 residing in Dubai. This represents 6.1% of the total UAE population and 21.3% of Dubai’s total population. If you’re looking for a Filipino community or wondering if you’ll find your tribe in Dubai, don’t worry since you won’t feel alone in the city!

5. Hub to coworking spaces, book cafes, art cafes, and more

Of course, if you’re a digital nomad, you’ll look for book cafes or coworking spaces in Dubai for work! You can’t just play night and day since there are bills to pay. The good thing is you’ll never run out of options for coworking spaces, libraries, restaurants, or cafes to eat and hustle since Dubai is a safe haven for creatives and digital nomads like you!

6. You have access to the latest tech and gadgets

Digital nomads’ bread and butter aside from their skills are their gadgets, from laptops to cameras; Dubai is an excellent place to find your next remote working essentials. The phrase “Shopping Capital of the Middle East” accurately describes Dubai. Over a hundred malls, shopping centers, and souks, no doubt you’ll enjoy the endless discounts, sales, and promos Dubai has to offer! You can also enjoy VAT-free shopping in Dubai!

7. Dubai has plenty of hotels, resorts, Airbnb, and staycations

If you’re still in doubt about whether Dubai should be your home away from home, then you’ll be happy to know that Dubai has numerous five-star hotels ready to give you comfort and sanctuary, from the famous Burj Al Khalifa to Rixos The Palm Dubai. All you have to do is pick your preferred hotels, apartment, or Airbnb to stay while working as a digital nomad in the city! If you plan to rent in Dubai, just make sure you know the rules and regulations before you do so to avoid any problems in the future.

Dubai is eye candy for people from all walks of life, even digital nomads, since not only will they have a good time, since the city has plenty to offer. It shows no signs of stopping from tourist spots to innovation. It is one of the reasons numerous expats have chosen to stay in Dubai for years since it has helped them personally or professionally. One thing for sure is you can’t help but fall in love with Dubai, and the endless possibilities and memories will forever change you. You’ll thank yourself for choosing a diverse and digital nomad-friendly country to stay in.