8 Practical Reasons to Do an Internship in Dubai

Dubai is metaphorically compared to the land of milk and honey or, to put it simply, a place brimming with opportunities, whether you’re in the city for business or pleasure. The endless possibilities for your career in the city seem too good to be true and enticing enough for people from all walks of life. 

There are plenty of internship opportunities in Dubai that you have to be on the lookout for, especially if it’s in your dream job or industry! Here are the top reasons you should consider becoming an intern in Dubai to beat the job hunting competition.


1. It will help you have an edge


One of the best ways for you to improve your chances of getting a job in Dubai is by doing internships. If you’re looking for a chance to dip your toes into the water before diving in, then internships will help you; they’ll give you a glimpse of what it’s like working for a Dubai-based company. 

Dubai is a hot spot for job seekers of all types, from digital nomad freelancers to full-time employees who want a great future ahead of them. It’s not enough for you to be a degree holder or skilled in your home country, and you need to be smart on how you can raise your A-game. 

After all, working in Dubai will make you go back to the basics since everything is new and has a level playing field. Working for a Middle Eastern country can be different from your home country’s work policies and industry best practices. Doing an internship or two can make your CV stand out and look suitable to companies or HR looking for the best talent in the city.


 2. Immerse yourself in Middle eastern culture


Another best way to get to know Dubai or the Middle Eastern culture is by getting your foot in the door; whether you’re in hospitality or tech, you’ll get a chance to know the culture and traditions of the city with the company’s protocols, holidays, and work culture.

Internships can help you learn more about the industry you’re working for. Like students who are keen on pursuing their studies abroad, job seekers who are determined to take their career up to a notch, or people who want to experience a new culture by moving to the Middle east.

 If you’re working In Dubai as an intern, you can brush up on your Arabic skills and get to know your Arabic colleagues, which will help you appreciate the culture. There are plenty of in-demand jobs that will speak volumes about what the city of Dubai has in store for your career.


 3. You will gain connections


As the adage goes, it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Sometimes in a cutthroat job hunting season, knowing the right people and gaining connections can help you land a job; internships can help you meet new people and have new friends that will vouch for your work ethic and character. These people might open doors for you that you never knew existed. 


 4. You have a high chance of being absorbed


If you’re doing well in your Dubai-based or UAE-based internship, you have a high chance of getting absorbed by the company; it will save you the time-consuming task of job hunting. Internships are not only for Dubai-based students but its also open to those who are willing to 

 Ah, imagine the fulfilling moment when you find out all of your hard work has finally paid off. An internship is an excellent way for you to build your portfolio and get your way around a new city and a new role that will help you land a job smoothly, especially if you’ve done your part.


 5. You’ll get paid or have allowance

There are plenty of internship opportunities out there, especially in Dubai, but it’s important to know what your priorities are. If you’re on a tight budget since you’re on a job hunting prospect, then you need money to pay for your DEWA or apartment, then a paid internship can help you stay afloat. Don’t settle for less, even if you’re running on a tight deadline. Keep your eyes on the goal of securing a paid internship as an alternative if your job hunting has still not yet come to fruition.


 6. New opportunities and experiences


Getting an internship in Dubai will offer you new opportunities and experiences that you never have before. It’s also a great chance to expand your horizons and learn new things on the job. Internships will help you get to know the nuts and bolts while you learn and enjoy everything that the city can offer. 

The UAE has come a long way as a country, and Dubai is a testament to how they embrace new opportunities and can offer irresistible experiences and adventures to people from all around the world. If you’re keen on getting an internship to enjoy a short-term stay in the city, then it’s one of the great alternatives. However, if you’re keen on making Dubai your new home, then getting an internship can help you build from scratch and build the life you’ve always wanted.


 7. Explore other career paths


Are you a digital nomad freelancer or a career shifter who is curious about what makes Dubai unique? Then you can opt-in for a Dubai-based internship to get what all the hype is about. There’s a reason why Dubai is a safe haven for artists, or there are plenty of work-friendly cafes and co-working spaces in the city to accommodate the hustlers and those on a sabbatical period of their lives.


 8. Find a community in the city


An internship can help you build life-long friends and connections in the city that will not only help your career in the long run but to beat homesickness and depression. Let’s be honest; moving to a new city and job hunting can be overwhelming and lonely in the process. Doing an internship can help you adjust to your new surroundings, make friends, and stay busy; if your job prospects are not yet in your favor, you can always have an internship as a backup.