The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey

The moment my eyes caught the first light below the seas of darkness and pits of void, tears of joy started to flow uncontrollably. In a few minutes I would land in Dubai, my heart pounded heavily on my chest with nervousness and excitement. It  took everything in me to contain myself from the passenger seat of the plane, If I could only jump from the plane then land immediately, with no doubt I would’ve done it. My mind continued to reel as thoughts constantly echoed in me, “I’m home!”, “I’m home!”

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that after five years I would be able to come back. It has been five years since I stayed in the Philippines to study college. During those times, I waited and literally begged my mom to take me back to Dubai.

My mom has been working in Dubai for almost 30 years as a Human Resources Manager in different industries like a five star hotel, high end nightclub and currently at a fine dining restaurant. Therefore, Dubai naturally seems not that hard for me to gravitate back to. Aside from the Philippines, Dubai is one of the places that I’ve always considered as my home. It always holds a special place in my heart and being here has felt like an impossible dream coming true.

It has been an hour since I landed in a country I proudly called my home, we were in the taxi and as we departed from the airport, I tried to take in familiar sceneries and atmosphere before me. I still felt nauseous from all of the mixed emotions that I felt when the plane landed.

Nostalgia hit me hard as I rode the taxicab. I recall to memories of each endless road, bright street light, majestic mosque, and huge buildings. Despite excitement bubbling through me the homecoming felt bittersweet.

If there is one thing I am certain about my return, it is that I came back not the same person and the Dubai that I once knew definitely is not the same. Change as they say is inevitable and Dubai is a land of milk and honey.  A country full of opportunities and full of progress.

My mother who sits in the taxi reminded me of the new rules implemented in Dubai (The ones I should be aware of and should be keeping in mind during my stay and the new places I should visit.  Although I know that some things still stays the same no matter how much time has passed us by.


Nicole Marie Valdez,About the Author: Nicole Marie Valdez

Nicole Marie is an old soul book lover, poet and aspiring author who believe in making changes for a better world with acts of kindness and just by being a light and salt to the world.



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